How to advertise your law firm on Roku

Published on
Jan 23, 2023
Updated on
Jan 23, 2023
Updated on
Jan 23, 2023

Roku channels are an excellent choice for law firm advertising. Put your law practice in front of millions of loyal Roku viewers. This audience segment is vast, diverse, and hard to reach at scale outside of Roku. In addition, advertising on Roku with a programmatic DSP like Vibe provides advertisers with a slew of benefits, including audience segment targeting, ad insights, flexible advertising slots, and a unique viewership.

Benefits of Law Firm Advertising on Roku

  1. Roku is a leader in the OTT advertising industry. From the start, Roku has been an effective avenue for advertising on streaming platforms. 
  2. Detailed ad insights. Roku offers law firms highly detailed data reports regarding the results of their video advertising. The data reports include the number of viewers, viewer demographics, engagement rates, and impactful ad time slots so you can get your practice in front of the right people at the right time.
  3. Roku has a unique audience. The Roku Channel is a streaming channel viewed by individuals who do not have cable and therefore do not see traditional TV commercials. Placing your law firm ads on the Roku Channel guarantees that a new segment of people will view your practice.
  4. Video and television ads are the most impactful marketing campaigns for law practices, but consumers are actively changing how they watch TV. Many people are becoming "cord cutters" and are canceling their cable services. Instead, they are choosing less expensive streaming options. As a result, CTV and OTT advertising is taking over the video commercial market. Setting your law firm's advertisement as the leader in OTT advertising will facilitate a great return on investment.
  5. Accessible on all devices. Users can stream Roku channels on all digital devices, including TVs, tablets, cell phones, and computers. Roku's accessibility is a massive benefit for law firms who want to get their advertisement in front of as many people as possible.

Cost of Advertising Your Law Firm On Roku

Unlike linear TV advertising, Roku ads are not sold at a set price for a specific time slot. Instead, law firms select a particular audience demographic to target, and Roku serves that advertisement when it is mainly likely to be seen by that group of people. As a result, Roku ad pricing is based on CPM (Cost per Mille). Mille stands for 1,000 views. By advertising on Roku with Vibe, your average CPM could be as low as $15 – $25. Just set a budget and Roku will deliver your advertisement until that budget is reached.

How to get started

  1. Register on
  2. Name your campaign
  3. Set your budget
  4. Select relevant target audience(s)
  5. Select Roku 
  6. Upload your video
  7. Launch! 🚀

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