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We are a passionate, competitive bunch focused on one thing: allowing any marketer, any brand, of any size, to advertise on TV in under 5 minutes. We think fast, act fast, grow fast so advertisers can safely and precisely reach TV audiences, the largest digital audience in the US!

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Our Story.

Vibe enters the TV market by storm, with a democratizing vision and rock solid AI, eventually opening up access to TV advertising to a vast SME market, and beyond.

Vibe is born

In August 2021, Vibe's team started developing the platform that would eventually open up access to TV advertising for the entire SME market.

Vibe launches in the US

After 12 months of intense development and testing, the Vibe platform becomes available to companies of all sizes and the first Vibe-powered TV campaigns are launched.

Vibe hits 1,000+ client milestone

Vibe's exponential growth continues as it crosses the 1,000 client mark, validating its bold vision for SME markets. And it’s only the beginning!

Vibe raises $22.5M in Series A

To support its exponential growth, Vibe raises $22.5M from veteran tech investors. The funds empower Vibe to hire engineers at the top of their game and scale its operations tenfold.

Our mission

We come to work every day with one goal: to make television advertising crazy simple.

Vibe has been meticulously removing barriers-to-entry into the world of streaming TV advertising since its inception. For both digital advertisers unsure about TV’s performance marketing value and traditional media buyers skeptical of programmatic advertising, Vibe can be a strategic partner, bringing profitability and incremental value in a market too complex to navigate alone.

In a world of declining digital marketing performance, we are the alternative thanks to an intuitive, familiar platform boasting features advertisers would expect from any other digital tool (audience targeting, retargeting, real-time optimization, pixel tracking, frequency capping, and more) and premium inventory featuring over 500 channels and dozens of live sports leagues.

Vibe is a fast-paced, competitive team on a mission to become the #1 TV Ad Platform in 2025 and we’re well on our way. Join us!

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Meet our leadership

  • vibe leaders

    Arthur QuerouLinkedIn

    CEO & CoFounder

    Ex-founder at MotionLead (YC W14, Acq. by Adikteev)

  • vibe leaders

    Franck TetzlaffLinkedIn

    CTO & CoFounder

    Ex-founder at Doctolib ($6B Valuation)

And our board

  • vibe boards

    Ben Antier

    Ex-founder & CEO at Publica (Acq. by IAS for $200m)

  • vibe boards

    Ari Paparo

    Ex-founder & CEO at Beeswax (Acq. by Comcast for $200m)

  • vibe boards

    Pauline Roux

    Partner at Elaia (Criteo, Teads, Mirakl)