CTV Advertising & Gaming

Published on
Jun 22, 2023
Updated on
May 11, 2023
Updated on
May 11, 2023

Gaming advertisers are moving towards CTV for User Acquisition

With the privacy measures strongly impacting major ad platforms performances, gaming advertisers are on the hunt for new, scalable and highly performing user acquisition channels. Connected TV and OTT are starting to gain a lot of traction in the eyes of advertisers.

Why is CTV a strong candidate?

Connected TV and OTT are transforming the way video content is watched online, how this content is being delivered, and opens up a new set of possibilities for advertisers.

While it’s commonly accepted that TV is one of the most performing advertising channels, it has been quite hard to precisely measure the impact beyond general brand awareness. Enter Connected TV. Which now offers a much more granular way to measure, target and control ad spending and making it a strong candidate to be a go-to when it comes to user acquisition.


Close to all gaming advertisers are now either launching or looking into CTV tests with very promising results (CPI & ROAS) matching their targets.

While TheTradeDesk is leading the CTV market with Fortune 500 and media agencies, new platforms that are performance oriented are blooming such as Vibe, TVScientific or Mountain.

Majors MMPs such as Adjust have already made Attribution models available to their clients and platforms are progressively being connected.

Big challenges ahead?

While CTV is promising, it still comes with its set of challenges especially around measurement as no market standard has emerged yet. As CTV doesn’t provide a direct click to app store action, the impact of ad impressions has to be assessed.

Advertisers, MMP and Platforms, including us here at vibe, are working to define a fair and transparent attribution model but in the mean time direct response with short attribution windows (24h or less) seem to be the best way to safely measure CTV performance.