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Advanced Media Buying Features

Discover a range of cutting-edge tools to enhance campaign targeting and achieve unprecedented results.

Demographic Targeting
Segment and target your campaign audiences by demographic characteristics (age, gender, political affiliation, family composition, income, location, etc.) for maximum impact.
Interest Targeting
Leverage search query data (automotive, sports, pets, philanthropy, etc.) to target high-value audiences with pinpoint accuracy.
Context Targeting
Control where, when, and how your ad reaches audiences by selecting the exact apps, channels, sports leagues, device types, and times of day your creative will run with.
Follow your web visitors, customers, or app users all the way into their living rooms.
Premium Channels and Live Sports Inventory
Reach highly engaged viewers on over 500 premium streaming apps and channels or advertise next to the live sporting events of your choice for maximum brand safety and impact.
Performance Measurement
Track CTV-enabled web visits, leads, and purchases, directly on your Vibe dashboard or through an integrated 3rd party (Google or the MMP of your choice).
Real-time Optimization
Maximize your CTV campaign budget by optimizing your campaign in real-time thanks to Vibe’s multivariate testing capabilities and continuous multi-dimensional reporting.
Advanced Solutions
Fine-tune your campaign parameters to get the most out of strategy thanks to Vibe’s Frequency Capping, Custom CPM Cap, and CRM Integration capabilities.
Age Targeting
Target households by age segment within the home.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is automatic bidding, and how does it help my media buying process?
Vibe's Automatic Bidding module leverages our proprietary bidding technology to ensure optimal delivery, pricing, and performance for your campaigns.
Can I set my own price for media buying using manual bidding?
Yes, Vibe allows you to set your own CPM caps with our Manual Bidding module.
What is the advantage of installing a Vibe pixel or connecting an MMP to my Vibe account?
Installing a Vibe pixel for web traffic, lead, purchase, or retargeting attribution will allow you to more accurately gauge your campaign KPIs like ROAS and CPV. An MMP integration, on the other hand, assists app developers and marketers in quantifying incremental and cross-device reach.
What types of campaigns are best suited for Vibe's automatic bidding feature?
Vibe's automatic bidding feature adapts seamlessly to all campaign types, supporting optimal performance for awareness, web traffic, app download, or retargeting campaigns.
How can I integrate Vibe seamlessly into my existing media buying strategy?
The Vibe platform was designed to empower its users with an easy-to-use, easily shareable interface and reporting dashboards that integrate with Google Ads, MMPs, and MMM 3rd parties.
What sets Vibe apart from other CTV ad platforms?
Vibe is radically democratizing access to television advertising with a powerful, performance-focused platform, accessible to advertisers of all sizes at a starting cost of just $50 a day.

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