Full Campaign Control

Optimize your advertising strategy with Vibe's intuitive campaign management tools, offering control and flexibility to your entire team.

Product features
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Seamless Campaign Navigation and Control

Control every aspect of your campaign - from collaboration to set up to measurement to billing - with precision and ease.

Strategy A/B Testing
Create multiple strategies to A/B test different ad sets and pick the winning one(s).
Lifetime Campaign Budget
Define the total amount you wish to spend on any given campaign. You will not spend a penny more until your next campaign.
Daily Campaign Budget
Cap and control your budget on a daily basis.
Strategy Level Control
Easily segment your campaigns and budget into different strategies for maximum campaign flexibility.
Strategy Dates
Define dates at the strategy level to control your campaign flights.
Strategy Budgets
Allocate exact portions of your budget to top-performing strategies within a campaign.
Advertiser Management
Create as many advertisers as you need to run and manage campaigns for different clients or product lines.
Campaign Setup Recap
Get a global overview of your strategy setup to make sure all elements are recorded and updated accurately.

Elevating Control, Enhancing Results

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Frequently asked questions

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How does Vibe handle ad upload in the creative process?
Just drag and drop your ad creative, and we take care of the rest!
What is the process of video compression in Vibe's creative features?
Just provide us with your raw files, and we take care of the compression for you.
How does Vibe manage ad sampling in streaming advertising?
Sampling can be complex when it comes to streaming advertising. We create multiple versions of your file to fit any format.
Explain the ad validation process in Vibe's creative features.
We always make sure that your creative is good to go before publishing. Vibe only delivers top-quality ads.
Can I upload multiple creatives with Vibe's multi-creative upload feature?
Upload as many creatives as you want and attach them to relevant strategies, as needed.
How can I A/B test my creatives using Vibe's creative features?
A/B Test your creatives: find which ones are performing the best and double down on those.
Is there a creative preview option in Vibe's creative features?
Preview your videos in context to make sure that they'll look good everywhere.
Does Vibe provide ad hosting as part of its creative solutions?
We take care of hosting your ads at no extra cost.

Effortless Campaign Control with Vibe

Optimize Your Advertising Strategy with Seamless Campaign Navigation and Control