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Product features
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Comprehensive Reporting for Informed Decision-Making

Leverage Vibe's robust reporting features for a detailed breakdown of your campaign performance across metrics.

Spend Overview
Get a precise, up-to-date snapshot of your overall spend per campaign.
Granular Reporting
Leverage granular reporting data, separated by targeting dimension, ad creative, date, channel, and more, to optimize your campaign performance.
Strategy Reporting
View delivery metrics at the strategy level so you can compare and optimize results in real-time.
Date Reporting
Get detailed delivery reports for every day you deliver impressions.
Ad Reporting
Know which creatives are delivering the most and getting the best results.
Apps & Channels Reporting
See which Apps & Channels are bringing you the most/most valuable impressions.
Geo Reporting
Track how well your campaign is performing in each geo (State, City, Zipcode, Metro Zone).
Age Reporting
Know more about your audience and which age brackets are bringing you the best performances.
Gender Reporting
Experiment and see with which gender is most responsive to your campaigns.
Audience Reporting
Discover which targeted audience segments are over-performing or under-performing.
Custom KPI Charts
Select from over a dozen different KPIs to chart on your dashboard.

Transform Data into Impactful Strategies

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Frequently asked questions

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How does Vibe support A/B Testing at the Strategy level?
Create as many separate strategies as you need within a single campaign date and budget range to test your creative or targeting dimensions.
What is a Lifetime Campaign Budget in Vibe's campaign dashboard?
A Lifetime Campaign Budget allows you to confidently set a budget cap on a specific date range so you never go over budget.
How does Vibe allow daily campaign budget control in campaign management?
You can edit, pause, or extend your campaign spend and date range at any point by selecting Vibe's Daily Budget module on your campaign dashboard.
How does Vibe support Strategy Level Control in campaign management?
Campaigns can be segmented into as many strategies (also known as "ad sets") as you wish to test, with their own budgets, date ranges, targeting dimensions, and/or creative assets.
Can I allocate specific budgets to top-performing strategies using Vibe?
Allocate as much or as little of your overall campaign budget to out-performing strategies without ever having to pause your campaign.

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Dive into Comprehensive Reporting for Informed Decision-Making