Top 5 Best Law Firm TV Commercials

3 min read·Feb 24, 2023

A well-made commercial can not only promote your firm, but it can also set you apart and build trust with potential clients.

Have a look at five great examples for inspiration! 😍

Play it straight

Brough’s video capitalizes on trust. It presents a smiling, concerned attorney in contexts that viewers associate with professionalism: an office, a court room, outside a courthouse, etc. A few emotional - but not too emotional - testimonials add depth to the script, but everything from the graphics, to the color palette, to the actors’ expressions works together to convey stability and calm. Clients referring to the managing partner by first name, “Chris,” and mentioning their families, brings the video home as a reliable resource for the community, not some shadowy, fly by night entity. Finally, the closing remark that “the sooner we can get involved in a case, the sooner we can do more for you,” is a solid CTA before showing the company’s contact information in the last shot.

Make ‘em laugh

While this outrageous ad may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s certainly memorable, and sometimes that’s all you need! After all, personal injury is one of the most competitive areas in law… A few things stand out here: first, the near constant repetition of the law firm’s name; second, the emotional appeal of fighting a giant company (or spaceship, in this case), and winning!; and finally, the reassurance and familiarity of Star Wars tropes, creating a sense of community with the audience. Bonus tip: sometimes all you need is a cool name like “The Hammer”!

Tug at the ole heart strings

Onder Law Firm’s spot clearly plays the emotional card, as it focuses on shots of hospital rooms,  a child on crutches, and a young man in a wheelchair. It also mentions having a “higher purpose” within the first 5 seconds of the ad. While this ad is reminiscent of our first example, this one relies on the principle that their ethics and purpose are the reasons future clients can trust them, as opposed to professionalism. They are counting on enticing a client who is looking for a firm with shared values - a proposition that is increasingly popular in the millennial/Gen Z market.

Get to the point

This ad gets straight to the heart of how a performance-focused campaign should look: the firm’s name, web url, and phone number are on the screen at all times, the CTA appears on the screen and gets emphasized in the voiceover, and the closing shot focuses on the actions they want viewers to take. In this case, the value proposition isn’t so much what this firm can do for you, but that they can do it NOW!

Pull from the headlines

Even if you don’t feel like talking about the Metaverse (we don’t blame you!), a good way to relate to your audience but still stand out from the pack, is to develop ads around the real-world events and issues already on their minds. In this case, Morgan & Morgan chose avatars, but it could be anything: TikTok dance moves, cryptocurrency, UFOs, you name it! What matters is reeling viewers in, then relying on tried and true performance tactics: clearly state your value proposition, call out your CTA, keep your web url and phone numbers on the screen for a minimum of 5 seconds, and you’re good to go!

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