How To Advertise for Less on HGTV

Published on
Jan 19, 2023
Updated on
Jan 19, 2023
Updated on
Jan 19, 2023

Traditional, “linear” TV commercials are expensive to make and even more costly to air. However, HGTV's broad audience benefits companies in nearly any industry. Luckily, there is a budget-friendly solution to advertising on HGTV. Get your business in front of millions of viewers while keeping thousands of dollars in your pocket by using CTV for advertising on HGTV.


HGTV is available to stream on every live TV streaming service. CTV and OTT advertising is the perfect solution to advertise for less on HGTV. The benefits of using CTV ads are:

  • Channel Targeting. There are over 500 channels you can put your video advertisement on, including HGTV.
  • Lower cost. CTV campaigns start at just $0.10 per day. In comparison, the average price to air a 30-second TV commercial is $1,000.
  • Flexible air times. Pricing for traditional, “linear” TV commercial spots is scaled based on air time. Prime time slots are costly and competitive. Additionally, HGTV charges higher rates for their most popular shows. With CTV/OTT advertising, pick when your video ad airs without fighting your competition or paying high premiums.
  • Ad optimization. CTV uses data to target audiences based on specific factors not identifiable with regular TV commercials. You can get your business in front of HGTV viewers and tailor the ad experience to a narrower audience. Select which HGTV fans that see your ad by geo-targeting and retargeting. Deliver impactful, high-conversion ads for less.

Put Your Ad on HGTV

Make the most out of your advertising budget by starting a CTV campaign. Select HGTV as the streaming channel your ad appears on. Are you trying to figure out where to start? Our self-serve CTV & OTT platform is easy to use.

Tips for Advertising on HGTV

CTV and OTT advertising makes getting your video in front of HGTV viewers easy. To get the most out of your ad, consider these content tips that will resonate with your audience.

  • 75% of HGTV's audience is homeowners aged 25-54. Create a video that features real people within that age bracket.
  • The average income of HGTV viewers is $83,000. Display products and services that are affordable for that salary bracket.
  • There are more female HGTV fans than male, so consider which values and themes are relatable to women.
  • 32% of homes streaming HGTV have at least one child. Create advertising videos that feature families, community benefits, and positive messages.

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