How Much Does it Cost to Run a CTV Campaign?

2 min read·Dec 20, 2022

Television has always been considered one of the most expensive advertising  mediums, reserved solely for the ‘big boys’ with huge media budgets and  eye watering production costs. Think of the news generated by Super Bowl  ads before they even run.

But with Connected TV, the rules have changed.

Low minimum budgets

While ‘traditional’ linear TV requires huge budgets up front, with several hundreds of thousands of dollars the norm, Connected TV delivers  brands  and marketers flexibility, accessibility and simplicity.

Technically, you could spend only $100 on CTV advertising, even if the yield could be… underwhelming. Really, the minimum budget depends on the  target population you’re trying to reach, where they are and when they’re watching. A very narrow  target, within a well-defined, specialized niche can be reached for just a few thousand dollars. Whereas a national ad campaign on premium  broadcasters, in prime time for weeks will cost millions of dollars.

What Vibe delivers is the fact that no matter your budget, you can run ads on premium TV content from CNN, National Geographic or the NFL  which would normally have required enormous budgets and huge guaranteed  buys on traditional TV.

You control the price

Once you’ve decided your budget, you’ll need to decide the CPM (Cost per thousand) you're willing to pay. CPM is another term from the ad world,  where the M is actually mille (thousand) just like in Roman numerals.  When buying digital advertising on the open web, marketers set the price they’re willing to pay per thousand impressions. You can also do this  via search engine ads and other PPC (pay-per-click) platforms.

With Connected TV, we see the CPM vary anywhere from $10 all the way up to $70, and the average is usually around $35 (thankfully, Vibe CPMs typically hover between $15 and $25.) The CPM you'll need to pay greatly depends on the content - and therefore the viewers - you're  targeting. Some channel providers demand a high CPM, while others are less restrictive.

As this page has hopefully demonstrated, CTV is for just about every brand and every marketer. You needn't worry about your budget, just get  started and see how easy it is!

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