Drive Lower Funnel Outcomes with CTV

3 min read·Mar 20, 2023

Lower funnel marketing strategies target shoppers who have already shown interest in purchasing your product but still need to complete a conversion. Focusing on lower funnel conversion is a great way to boost sales numbers quickly, without having to overhaul any of your existing awareness strategies. Cutting edge CTV advertising tools now allow granular interest and income targeting, as well as retargeting to dramatically improve lower funnel outcomes, driving purchases from consumers who have already engaged with your business or represent high potential targets. 

CTV Boosts Lower-Funnel Conversions

Abandoned Cart Strategy

Is your business struggling with cart abandonment? It is frustrating to see customers adding items to their online cart and leaving before completing the purchase, but these interested shoppers are ideal for lower-funnel ad strategies. Target cart abandoners and site visitors with CTV ads thanks to IP address tracking. Businesses can define their CTV audience by retargeting devices that have visited their e-commerce store. 

Boost Awareness with Geo-targeting

Target customers who have recently visited areas near your store thanks to geo-targeting on CTV. Build an ad zone based on a specific location so your ad can be served to viewers within a specific area (ZIP code, city, state, DMA). This marketing strategy will boost lower funnel conversions by serving relevant content to nearby consumers. Make sure to optimize this strategy with location-specific videos, such as available inventory, in-store promotions, or store events.

Push Shoppers to Buy with Calls-to-Action

Streaming subscribers can engage with CTV ads on any connected device. Encourage viewers to buy instantly with scannable QR codes that bring shoppers directly to your website or landing page. In addition, retailers can embed exclusive discount codes in their CTV ads to convert hesitant buyers. Finally, use audience targeting to put videos with strong calls-to-action in front of customers who have already visited your website, store, or mobile app. 

Leverage CRM Data

Your CRM list can be leveraged to improve lower funnel outcomes with CTV by simply sharing  existing customer data and warm leads with your CTV ad platform to create a discrete targeted audience. Make sure to create a video that appeals to shoppers familiar with your brand and could be swayed to repurchase with an incentive. Add irresistible considerations to your CTV ad, like a return customer loyalty bonus or free delivery offer. You can also promote products they have bought before and suggest a restock. Existing customers are easier to convince to buy a new product or service than consumers who haven’t patronized your business yet. Capitalize on this strategy with targeted CTV advertising. 

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