Hit your CRM Database Targets with Streaming TV

3 min read·Mar 07, 2023

Are your sales in need of a boost? Increasing revenue is easy and cost-effective with CTV advertising. Use your CRM data for retargeting existing customers and effectively acquiring new business. Share your CRM data with Vibe.co to get your video ad in front of the right people at the right time. Watch conversions soar with these strategies to leverage CRM data with CTV.

CRM Data Drives Sales

Boost New Product Launches

Use your existing customer list to supercharge new product launch campaigns. Retargeting people who have already purchased from you is one of the best uses of your marketing budget, since past consumers are already familiar with your brand and are more likely to buy new products than newer customers. Their purchasing behavior proves they are interested in your items, and there is a higher chance that your new product launch will be valuable to them, so engaging with them is more valuable to your strategy overall.  

Just share your existing customer list with your Vibe account manager, then select the right viewer profiles as targets for your new product video campaign. CTV will serve your ad exclusively to that list of people, presenting a unique opportunity to garner a high sales conversion rate.

Prospect Effectively

Conversely, you can also leverage your CRM data to acquire new customers by targeting people who have yet to purchase from your brand. An effective acquisition strategy could include offering first-time buyers a discount or free gift, but be careful! Showing this ad to existing customers is not ineffective use of your marketing dollars. 

In order to maximize the effectiveness of this type of campaign, make sure to create a “black list” of existing customers you don’t want to waste impressions on. Defining your CTV ad audience in this way ensures only new customers will see your video commercial and boosts the efficacy of a new client promotion campaign.

Create Look-Alike Audiences

The key to boosting sales is targeting people who find value in your products or services. CTV’s audience detailing will assess the characteristics of your existing customers, including demographics, interests, shopping behaviors, and more. Then, the Vibe software creates a look-alike audience. This data-driven audience replicates your current customers, upping the odds that these new viewers will also buy your product. 

Use CTV Insights

CTV platforms like Vibe.co offer more detailed audience reporting and ad performance data than most other video marketing resources. Use this collected information to improve marketing efforts on social media and direct-response campaigns as well! CTV’s reports provide specific details on the viewers engaged with your ads. These characteristics can be applied to PPC ads, Meta Business creatives, and more to increase the performance of all your business’s marketing campaigns. 

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