Vibe 1.40: Credit payment, reporting API and more

2 min read·Jun 27, 2024

July is already here, and we’re thrilled to share Vibe’s latest product updates! Over the past six months, the team buckled down to make some of the most significant progress to-date, enhancing our customers’ Streaming TV advertising experience.

Credit payment

We’ve heard your requests for more flexible payment options, and we’re excited to introduce the new Vibe Credits module. You can now credit your account balance any time with a debit card or ACH direct debit.

Additionally, our new filter feature allows users to select and download relevant receipts and invoices separately.

Reporting API

Vibe’s new Reporting API just launched, enabling users to seamlessly extract and upload reporting data from their Vibe dashboard into third-party measurement systems.

You can now access performance figures and spending details by campaign, strategy, creative, and channel.

We will continue to enhance this feature by adding more segmenting dimensions and enabling ever-more granular analysis. For integration assistance, please reach out to our CSM team.

New audiences, improved performances

Since January, Vibe has added over 30 new audience segments and significantly improved their impact: recent A/B tests show a remarkable 3x improvement in conversion rates.

User experience improvements

We remain dedicated to providing the most user-friendly Streaming TV ad platform possible. Here are some recent updates to enhance your experience:

Summary page and strategy navigation

It’s now easier than ever to navigate between campaign and strategy levels thanks to a new campaign setup summarization step which allows advertisers to review and edit every campaign feature before launch.

Audience module

Navigate all audience segment categories with ease with our new search bar. It’s a simple addition, but we believe it will significantly improve your workflow.

Reporting page improvements

Vibe’s revamped date picker now allows advertisers to more easily segment campaign results by date with added shortcuts for quick access.

We’ve also launched a new report customization feature so you can choose which columns to include in your reports, which ones to keep static or dynamic, and in which order to display them.

Campaign lists

Finally, we’ve worked to enhance your campaign dashboard experience thanks to status filtering, sorting options, and improved searchability.

We Value Your Feedback

Your feedback is invaluable. If you have any suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for being a part of the Vibe community!

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