Top 10 Valentine's Day Marketing Strategies

4 min read·Feb 14, 2023

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Soon, everyone will be out shopping for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Create compelling and engaging marketing campaigns to ensure your products and services are their first choice. Follow this list of top 10 Valentine's Day marketing strategies to increase your sales numbers!

On-Time Delivery

Publish clear and accurate delivery dates. Consumers need a guarantee that their gift will arrive on time for Valentine's Day, especially after years of pandemic-related supply chain disruption. Be honest and transparent with shipping times. Offering in-store pick-up or expedited shipping options are also great ways to guarantee customers receive gifts before February 14th!

Gift Guides

Offer gift suggestions at multiple price points. People feel pressure to select the perfect gift for their Valentine. Assemble a shopping guide that includes a variety of items. Gift guides narrow down choices for indecisive shoppers and encourage faster purchases. Select items that appeal to different budget ranges and relationship types to attract a larger pool of consumers. You want people to refrain from shopping around, so providing a variety of gifts and prices ensures you have something for everyone.

Offer Personalization

Valentine's Day is all about making someone feel special. Help your customers create a one-of-a-kind gift by including personalization upgrades on all Valentine's Day gifts. Great examples of touching add-ons your customers will appreciate are:

  • Gift wrapping
  • Ribbon and bows
  • A simple card or nameplate

Video Ads

Create emotional video ads that tell a story. Video advertisements are ideal for Valentine's Day marketing campaigns. Numerous marketing studies have proven video marketing campaigns consistently have better conversion and engagement rates than static ads. Make sure to feature real people in your marketing campaigns. Utilize CTV advertising to reach your target audience quickly and affordably on all their connected streaming devices.

Stay On Topic

Most Valentine's Day shoppers are in a rush. Keep your messaging concise and relevant to Valentine's Day. Promote products and services related to the holiday. Muddling the ad with future deals or Spring campaign initiatives will cause the customer to lose focus. Instead, consider including thematic components in ads that viewers will associate with love, like hearts, red and pink color stories, and roses.

Target Last Minute Shoppers

Studies show that most consumers do not shop early for Valentine's Day. Use calls-to-action that relate to last-minute shoppers, such as "Don't forget to grab a bouquet of roses! Check out fast and save 10% by pre-ordering through our app." Help customers make decisions quickly by offering convenient pick-up and an attractive discount. 

Create an Exclusive Offer

If you want your customers to spend big this Valentine's Day, exclusive offers will help increase conversion rates by creating urgency. Create an exclusive color or style of your product that can only be purchased for Valentine's Day. Limited availability pushes customers to make decisions quickly and creates a fear of missing out.

In addition to offering exclusive merchandise, you can provide a special discount or free gift valid only on Valentine's Day. Sales convert customers who are on the fence about buying your product. They also separate your business from competitors who aren't offering a deal.

Think Outside the Box

Promote all types of love. Valentine's Day is no longer just about romance. Consumers are celebrating all forms of love on the 14th! Create marketing campaigns that feature gift ideas for friends and family members. 

Use Multiple Campaign Types

Expand your Valentine's Day marketing campaign by including various ad types. Don't rely on one platform to bring in sales. Create a mix of ads served to customers in different places to boost brand awareness. Promote Valentine's Day ads through:

  • CTV and OTT video advertising
  • Direct message email and SMS
  • Social media platforms
  • Digital display
  • In-store flyers, posters, and displays 

Organize a Contest

Encourage customers to share your business by creating a contest. For example, you can ask customers to submit a short story about how they met their significant other for a chance to win a date night. You can also create a unique hashtag for customers to use on social media when posting photos of their Valentine's Day. Have your followers vote on the cutest couple. Online contests push people to engage and share your brand with their network. It gets your business in front of more potential customers with virtually no expense to you!

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