Top 10 Marketing Tools For Personal Injury Lawyers

4 min read·Feb 14, 2023

Diversifying marketing campaign strategies is essential to experience fast growth at your personal injury law firm. Ten marketing tools will build a funnel of new clients for your personal injury practice.

CTV & OTT Advertising

CTV advertising is the most effective marketing tool for promoting video ads. CTV ads are shown on all connected devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, Roku devices, and smart TVs. As a result, no matter how viewers stream their favorite shows, they will see your law firm's video. In addition, CTV platforms allow you to define your audience to target specific demographics of clients your personal injury lawyers want to reach. Finally, CTV and OTT advertising is highly flexible and affordable, with pricing as low as $15 for 1,000 views.

Legal Directories

Online legal directories are digital phone books of all the law firms within a region. Register your personal injury law firm in as many legal directories as possible. There are several benefits to using this marketing tool. First, you want to present your personal injury practice as an option to directory visitors. Second, the directory listing is a valuable backlink to your firm's website, boosting your page quality and search ranking.

Direct Mail

Direct mailers are effective if you want to target a specific list of potential clients or a pinpointed geographical area. Create a bold postcard with a clear call to action, easy access to your website, and prominent branding. Include precisely how the direct mail recipient will benefit by employing your team of personal injury lawyers. 

Social Media

Social media campaigns are excellent for promoting brand awareness and utilizing a short, impactful video or glowing client testimonials. The goal of these campaigns is to build trust with new clients. In addition, social media ads are easily shared. Encourage existing clients to review your personal injury practice on social media and share that feedback with their network. People are more likely to trust a personal injury lawyer recommended by someone they know. 

Print Ads

Get your law firm's logo in front of thousands by publishing print ads and billboards. High-traffic areas like malls, grocery stores, and community centers are great places to invest in print ads. In addition, produce billboard ads on main roads or highways near your law firm.  

SEO Campaigns

We live in an age where digital marketing is supreme. Your law firm's website should be engaging, concise, and easy to use. In addition, the site needs to be optimized with top-volume keywords and phrases to boost its position in search results. First, conduct a professional SEO audit of your site. Then create a content marketing strategy to update website pages and build SEO-optimized blogs.

Google My Business

Completing your law firm's profile on its Google My Business Page will position your website higher when potential clients search for personal injury lawyers in their area. In addition, Google My Business Pages are a great place to share photos of your firm and team. It also facilitates Google reviews of your personal injury law practice.

PPC Campaigns

PPC stands for 'pay-per-click.' Your firm creates an ad based on popular search words and phrases within your target audience's demographics. When someone searches for a keyword within your PPC campaign, the ad will show at the top of the search engine. Your firm is only billed when someone clicks on the ad. Both Google and Bing offer excellent PPC campaign options. While this marketing tool is expensive, it ensures your law practice is positioned in front of people looking for personal injury representation. 

Local Sponsorships

Schools, sports teams, and nonprofits solicit local businesses to sponsor events, fundraisers, and equipment. Local sponsorships are relatively inexpensive and position your logo prominently in your community. Supporting local causes also shows clients in the area that your personal injury firm cares about their town, county, or city. Giving back can give you new business! 

Linear TV Commercials

TV commercials have been a good marketing tool for personal injury lawyers for decades. While video marketing options have expanded over the years, creating a relatable commercial that advertises over local networks is still an effective marketing strategy. 

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