Target Beyond DMAS with CTV

2 min read·Jan 30, 2023

What Are DMAS?

DMA stands for Designated Market Areas, regions of the USA that define TV and radio markets. National networks use DMAs to create and manage local advertising opportunities. There are over 210 DMAs in the United States and ad slot prices vary between DMAs because there are different amounts of viewers in each region. For example, the DMA that covers New York City has higher TV advertising prices than the DMA that covers Bangor, Maine.

Target Beyond DMAS

DMAs allow advertisers to target audiences within specific geographic regions but offer no additional audience filters. As a result, it can be challenging to determine the ROI of TV commercials. In addition, DMAs do not guarantee the number of people who see your commercial or that they align with your target audience's consumer interests and behaviors. 

CTV Advances Local Advertising Efforts

CTV advertising offers better targeting than DMAs. There are several benefits to utilizing CTV and OTT platforms because:

  • Linear TV ad slots are highly competitive. 
  • Big brands with larger marketing budgets outbid local businesses for prime-time advertising. 
  • Your business can spend thousands of dollars on TV commercial spots without guaranteeing how many people will see the ad.

In comparison, CTV evens the playing field with automated media buying that leverages audience targeting and campaign performance to promote your video ad at optimal times. As a result, CTV advertising can be much more efficient and effective than linear TV advertising.

Target Potential Clients With CTV

Choose the exact audience you want to target for your commercial. There are several filters to sort through to ensure your CTV ad is put in front of potential customers for your business. Targeting options are detailed and include the following:

  • Location
  • Demographics, including gender, age, education, and income level
  • Buying behaviors
  • Consumer interests
  • Viewing preferences, such as viewing times and device use

Determine your target audience by analyzing your current customer base. When and what do they purchase from your business? What interests do your clients share? Use these characteristics to put your ad in front of people similar to those who already buy from you. Specified targeting increases ad conversions and improves the overall return on investment for video advertising.

The combined benefits of automated media buying and detailed audience targeting make CTV advertising a better choice for video advertising. Your marketing budget will stretch further and acquire more customers with CTV advertising than when spent on linear TV opportunities. 

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