Put the "Connected" Back in Connected TV with QR Codes

3 min read·Feb 15, 2023

The post-pandemic world made us all more familiar with QR codes. But these encoded data patterns can do much more than bring up the local restaurant’s menu. Digital marketers use QR codes in video advertising to convert customers fast. Add a QR code to your CTV ad campaign to realize an instant boost in customer engagement!

What is A QR Code?

“QR” stands for quick response. A Japanese tech company invented QR codes in 1994. QR codes are encoded pieces of data composed of a unique series of dots and squares. The pattern represents information that your smartphone can translate. QR codes work very similarly to barcodes; each one is unique. Marketers utilize QR codes in print and video advertising to direct consumers to a specific landing page. 

Benefits of QR Codes in CTV Ads

  • QR codes provide an actionable conversion option to consumers. Instead of creating a video ad that asks viewers to remember to visit a website later, QR codes will immediately direct customers to a specific landing page. This feature lets marketers get ad responses while the commercial airs, improving conversion rates and ROI.
  • CTV ads that utilize QR codes have better engagement. Viewers already have their phones in their hands or nearby. They can quickly scan the QR code with their smartphone camera. Not only is this engagement great for your business, but it also creates an interactive experience for viewers.
  • QR codes are excellent tracking tools. Test the efficacy of your call to action and ad design by recording how often the QR code is scanned. This data will tell you whether or not potential customers are interested in your product or service.
  • Millions of people stream TV shows and movies daily. QR codes help your business stand out by creating a unique, actionable ad experience.

Tips & Tricks To Using QR Codes in CTV Ads

Prominent Placement

Make the QR code the focus of the ad frame. Highlight that you want the audience to engage and scan. Simply putting the QR code box on the screen isn’t enough to get a conversion. It is essential to consider its placement and prominence carefully.

Enticing Call to Action

Tempt viewers to scan your QR code with a strong call to action. Great examples of high-conversion CTAs are discount codes, free gifts, and exclusive content or products. Your call to action should make viewers feel like they will miss out by not scanning the QR code.

Track and Record

Add a tracking link to all QR codes. You need data to determine if your ad is successively engaging with viewers. Create a unique URL for the QR code, so you know all visits to the landing page result from the scanned QR code. 

Test and Rotate

Don’t rely on a single ad to boost your sales numbers. Instead, make multiple CTV ads with varying calls-to-action, color schemes, and stories. Track engagements of all ad versions to see what content your customers prefer. Thankfully, Vibe.co allows users to easily segment campaigns into multiple ad sets.

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