Optimize Your Law Firm Marketing Budget With Streaming TV

3 min read·Feb 15, 2023

Have you spent thousands of dollars on traditional TV commercials and are frustrated by the lack of results? Despite their high price tags, linear TV commercials don't provide conversion data. There is no guarantee how many people will see your firm's TV commercial. Unless a new client says they found your practice from a commercial, there is no way to know if this form of video marketing is effective. 

Print advertising presents similar challenges. You must create a unique URL or QR code that is particular to your print campaign to track engagements from direct mailers, newspaper ads, or billboards. Even then, there is a lot of room for human error. For example, new clients might google your law firm's name instead of using the QR code, eliminating the only conversion method. In addition, tracking the number of print ads that end up lost or damaged is impossible.

Acquiring new clients through effective marketing strategies is essential if you want to grow your firm. You want to know that your advertising investments are building a funnel of new clients. Make each dollar count and stretch your marketing budget with CTV & OTT ads.

Optimize Your Budget With CTV

CTV advertising optimizes your marketing budget better than linear TV commercials. There are 4 top ways to budget smartly with CTV.

Granular Audience Targeting

CTV ads optimize your marketing budget because you choose the audience who will see the advertisement for your law practice. You tailor viewers by demographics, locations, and interests that align with the characteristics of potential clients. 


CTV is the cheapest video marketing solution. Your firm can pay as little as $20 per 1,000 views. Not only are you spending money to reach the audience your practice wants to target, but you also spend a fraction of what linear TV commercials cost. As a result, fewer marketing dollars are spent, but a more effective marketing service is used.

Better Visibility

Viewers stream CTV & OTT ads through all of their connected devices. The platform's flexibility makes it easier for potential clients to engage with your law firm's video advertisement. You can include direct links accessible from viewers' smartphones for instant client conversion. 

TV of the Future

Millions of people are already 'cutting the cord' with cable. As more and more viewers elect to use streaming services, CTV & OTT advertising becomes even more critical. The national movement to disengage with traditional cable will eventually make linear TV commercials obsolete. Start using CTV video marketing ads to stay ahead of the curve and position your firm better than your competition. 

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