Mother’s Day Video Ad Inspiration

2 min read·May 11, 2023

Mother's Day is an important occasion for communities to recognize the women who have shaped their lives in an impactful way.

From heartfelt storytelling to quirky crafting, these 4 commercials are great examples how brands are celebrating Mother’s Day on TV.

Pandora: Mother’s Day Film

This Mother's Day, the jewelry brand Pandora released a heartwarming commercial showcasing familiar situations where children experience the unwavering presence and support of their moms and reminding viewers of the countless things mothers do for us all. The commercial suggests a meaningful way to show gratitude: with a gift from Pandora.

Teleflora: The Hardest Part

Teleflora's Mother's Day ad is a relatable and touching commercial meant to resonate with all moms, showing emotional scenes of mothers and children in everyday life as well as significant milestones. The ad has a universal message that whether you have children of your own or not, hardest part of love is letting go. For this year’s mother’s day, Teleflora reminds us all to show mother figures in our life that we will always be there, no matter where we are.

Chanel: Happy Mother’s Day

To wish all the Moms out there a happy Mother’s Day, the usually glamorous brand has created a heartwarming and humorous commercial that aims to bring joy to all the incredible moms out there. The ad features children dressed as cute drawings of the brand's products, adding a touch of innocence and playfulness to the campaign. The choreography within the commercial reflects the delightful chaos that often accompanies life with children and reminds viewers that luxury products c also fit into everyday life.

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