Law Firm TV Advertising Rates

3 min read·Jan 23, 2023

Are you looking to grow your law practice’s lead funnel? Law firm TV ads have become a billion-dollar industry for a good reason. Television advertising is still the most successful campaign strategy used by law practices, by far.

If you weren’t motivated to get your practice on TV before, learning television is the top advertising method for lawyers should convince you, but those results can come with a steep price tag, especially on the competitive legal advertising marketplace. 

That’s why the digitization of TV advertising thanks to Connected TV programming is such a  fundamental game-changer for law marketers. Let’s take a closer look. 

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise Your Law Firm on TV?

Linear, aka “traditional,” TV advertising varies widely based on several factors:

  • Time of the ad slot
  • Popularity of the program
  • Estimated amount of viewership
  • How many firms want the ad slot
  • Length of the advertisement

A thirty-second ad slot ranges from as little as $60 all the way up to $5,000. The airtime price is based on the number of viewers the channel estimates will be tuned in when your law firm ad is played. As a result, overnight and early ad slots are inexpensive, but Primetime and evening airtimes can be cost-prohibitive . Law firm advertisements are most successful on local television networks. National TV campaigns are costly (up to $300,000 per ad!) and ineffective when increasing clients in a particular area. 

Further, ads are not effective if they are only seen once, so you’ll need to purchase several ad slots over at least a month. Negotiating pricing for law firm advertising is tricky. If you plan on booking several ad slots, hiring a TV ad consultant may be wise to negotiate media packages for your law practice based on the number of ads airing, channel selection, and media scheduling. 

Disadvantages of Linear TV Advertisements

There are two disadvantages to advertising on traditional TV. The first is the cost: you could complete multiple digital marketing campaigns for the price of one or two TV commercials. 

The second major issue with purchasing cable or broadcast TV ads for your law firm is that there is no way to report or analyze the demographics of viewers. The lack of reporting makes it more difficult to gauge the efficacy of a particular ad and makes targeting a specific audience challenging.

Ultimately, its redeeming quality is always going to be reach and engagement. You can get your practice in front of tens of thousands of highly-engaged community members at once. 

A New Way To Advertise on (C)TV

Because CTV programming is streamed instead of broadcast, advertisers can still benefit from the reach and engagement of TV advertising while benefiting from the targeting, instant delivery, real-time reporting, and impressions-based cost structure of digital channels.

Advertising on CTV with will allow your law firm to find affordably reach and track qualified leads, experiment with flexible campaigns, and protect your reputation in a brand-safe environment thanks to:

  • Household IP tracking for cross-device targeting
  • 1st party data IP targeting
  • Audience targeting by geo-location, demographic segment, household income, interest, and more
  • Simple A/B testing tools in the campaign dashboard 
  • Low average CPMs ($15-$25)
  • Over 500 premium channels to partner with
  • Daily ad frequency caps and ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology to protect your content
  • Highly engaged audiences, clocking in at a 97% VTR (View Through Rate)‍
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