How to Promote Your Business on TV

2 min read·Jan 23, 2023

Advertising on TV is a lucrative investment for your marketing dollars. Follow these tips and tricks to get the most significant return on your TV advertisement spending!

Identify the Audience You Want to Target

Effective TV advertising resonates with target audiences. The first step to creating impactful video advertisements is to generate content relatable to your future customers. Write a description of your ideal audience, including gender, age, income level, location, and other interests. A target audience portfolio will guide the content of your TV ad and help you to decide which TV channels to advertise with.

Create High-Quality Videos

Promoting your business on TV can be expensive (with the wrong partners). Don’t waste costly ad slots on ineffective video ads. Hiring a professional videographer is essential to producing the highest quality video ad. Videographers provide the complete suite of video ad services needed for a successful production, such as model casting, script writing, editing, and voiceovers.

Set a Campaign Reach

There are two distinct types of TV advertising choices. Some channels have national reach and viewership, while others are local TV networks only shown in a specific geographical area. First, consider which option aligns with your marketing campaign goals. For example, if you are a service provider working only in particular regions, advertise on local TV networks. These channels are less expensive than national TV promotions and better target customers interested in your business.

Vary Ad Slot Times

There are several ad slot times available to promote your business on TV. Pricing of each ad slot varies based on airtime and the number of viewers the channel estimates to tune in during that ad slot. It is recommended to book ad slots at various times across various channels to expand your business’s reach. This practice also stretches your marketing dollars to get your TV ad on screen as often as possible.

Work With a CTV platform

A premiere programmatic platform like Vibe has hundreds of private deals with the most exclusive channels in the industry to ensure your ads are inserted at the best times, on the best channels, at the lowest price. Using a DSP like Vibe is inexpensive, but most importantly, it takes the stress off you to figure out the confusing roadmap of TV advertising.

Plan Ahead

Give yourself time to experiment and learn. Plan your TV advertising schedule at least a month in advance, so you can be confident in your targeting, creative, and budgeting decisions. 

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