How to Place Law Firm Ads on Streaming Services

3 min read·Jan 19, 2023

CTV advertising can place your law firm video ads on virtually any ad-supported streaming service. That’s especially important when 4 in 5 US households stream their favorite shows and movies using a CTV device. Putting your law firm ad videos on streaming services is a great way to increase the number of people that see them. It is also affordable and easy to do!

Top Two Ways to Buy Law Firm Ad Space on Streaming Services

The first step in advertising your law firm on streaming services is to decide which channels or programming your target audience watches. Then, there are two payment options when promoting your law firm ad with OTT advertising services.

Pay Directly Per Ad Slot

Some streaming services offer a set price that puts the total advertising cost upfront. The price is based on the number of impressions, ad frequency, and reach. The advantage of this advertising option is that you can guarantee how many people see your law firm advertisement, but prices for this type of private deal are at a premium and will only deliver your ads on one streaming service at a time.

Bid For Ad Slots

There are pros and cons to using the bidding method for placing your law firm ads on streaming services so it’s best to work with a trustworthy platform with years of machine learning to back it rather than go at it on your own. Several advertisers compete for ad slots, and the highest bidder wins. You can set bidding thresholds to control your marketing budget. The primary benefit of real time bidding (RTB) is that it gives you more control over audience targeting and can rapidly scale your campaign delivery over hundreds of streaming channels.

Detailed reporting sets CTV and OTT advertising apart from other marketing methods. For example, see viewer demographics and how they respond to your law firm ad. These details increase your return on investment. As a result, bidding is the most popular way to purchase ad space.

Use OTT and CTV Ad Platform Services

It can be tricky to navigate the entire CTV and OTT advertising field. Place your ad on any of the hundreds of channels available on streaming services. Using an ad platform like simplifies the process of publishing and paying for ads on streaming services. The benefits of using a third-party service include the following:

  • Tailored publishing process
  • Requirement checks like video sizing, clarity, and audio quality
  • Easy channel selection
  • Guidance on placing your law firm ad in front of the right audience at optimal times
  • Uncomplicated payment explanations and recommendations
  • Detailed performance reporting

Overall, placing law firm ads on streaming services offers a great return on investment. Get your law firm ad in front of millions of potential clients for affordable prices!

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