How To Grab Last Minute Valentine's Shoppers With CTV

3 min read·Feb 10, 2023

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! But don’t fret, there is still time to boost sales from last-minute shoppers with CTV advertising. Most Valentine's Day gifts are purchased on the 14th, so take advantage of the holiday shopping rush by promoting a video ad focusing on products that can be picked up quickly! 

CTV Ad Content for Last Minute Shoppers

Gift Cards

Sometimes the best gift is one your loved one can pick out themselves. Gift cards are quick to purchase and relieve the stress of someone who can't decide on the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Consider offering an exclusive bonus or free item with all gift cards purchased on the 14th.

In-Stock Products

The option for a same-day pick-up is a lifesaver for last-minute shoppers! Promote an item you have a lot of inventory and promise fast and easy in-store transactions. Boost the attractiveness of your offer by including a free personalized card or note with a curbside pick-up purchase. 

Define Your Audience with CTV

CTV and OTT advertising allows you to tailor viewership to target last-minute Valentine's Day shoppers in your area. Key demographics to focus on are:

  • Location. If you are advertising a physical product, promote your video ad to viewers in close proximity to your store. Last-minute shoppers will feel confident they can pick up their gift on their way home from work.
  • Shopping Preferences. If you advertise gift cards for products or services, target viewers who regularly shop online. Make sure to remind customers that gift cards are immediately sent to their email! Viewers buy directly from CTV ads, so this tactic can earn you sales instantly.
  • Past Customers. Retarget customers from your existing 1st party data list on CTV! People who have purchased from you before are more likely to buy again than new customers, because they are already familiar with your brand. This confidence will make your product preferable over your competition when last-minute shoppers consider which store to buy a Valentine's Day gift from.

CTV Ads Convert Last-Minute Shoppers

CTV ads are the best way to capture last-minute holiday purchases. You can upload and promote your video ad in minutes. In addition, unlike linear TV commercials, you don't buy ad slots or airtimes. Instead, CTV ads are served automatically to an audience you select. Therefore, you don't have to worry about buying expensive prime time slots.

In addition, viewers engage with CTV ads on all their connected devices. This feature is huge for last-minute shoppers because they can purchase an item directly from your ad through hyperlinks or QR codes. Customers can immediately buy their last-minute Valentine's Day gift, earning you quick sales and your shoppers' peace of mind.

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