Audience Targeting for Retailers

3 min read·Mar 30, 2023

Getting your ad in front of the right audience is essential to building an effective ad campaign and avoid wasting money on useless impressions. There are several ways retailers can boost sales and conversions thanks to targeted advertising, but it’s important to test and learn as your campaign is running in order to optimize performance. With streaming TV advertising, some of the most impactful ways that retailers can reach customers who are interested in their products are based on demographics, location, device targeting, and web to tv retargeting.

Benefits of Audience Targeting on Streaming TV 

Spend less and earn more sales by creating content that resonates with your customer base, and make sure the right segments receive the right message.

There are several benefits to tailoring advertisements.

  • Retailers save money by showing relevant content to people most likely to buy their products.
  • Personalized ads have higher conversion rates and boost the authenticity of a campaign.
  • Respond to consumer engagement with in-depth analytics and instant reporting from targeted advertising platforms.
  • Retailers reconnect with customers by targeting Ip addresses recorded by their web traffic pixels.

Retail Target Marketing Strategies

Demographic Targeting

Targeted streaming ads are based on a unique list of audience characteristics like age, income, gender, and nationality. Consider who currently buys your products and create retail ads that mimic their profile. Content ideas that resonate with specific buying groups include:

  • Relevant or best selling products
  • Messaging that aligns with values
  • Appeal to shopping preferences

How to Target Demographics

A retailer's most valuable asset is its user base. Leverage customer data to create consumer profiles and target IP addresses based on those lists. CTV platforms like can help retailers target their ads to specific demographic groups or retarget IP addresses based on pixel data.

Location Targeting

Retailers can increase foot traffic by targeting specific ZIP codes, cities, or DMAs in their ad campaigns. Connect with local buyers and display relevant products and promotions that are accessible based on location. There are several methods retailers can use to target consumers based on proximity, including:

  • Geo-targeting
  • Geo-fencing
  • IP address targeting
  • Locational filters

Device Targeting

Each connected device has a unique IP address that can be targeted through digital marketing channels. Device targeting allows retailers to promote messaging throughout a consumer's shopping journey by connecting video, email, and social campaigns. These ads improve engagement and consideration for online and in-person stores.

CTV ads are the most effective way to reach consumers on a specific device. People stream their favorite TV shows, news, and movies from their phones, laptops, and smart televisions. As a result, retailers can tailor their advertisements based on IP addresses by promoting on CTV streaming platforms.

Web to Streaming Retargeting

Retailers are especially well positioned to leverage a Streaming TV retargeting tool because of their robust customer data records. While location, device, and demo targeting are great tools for top of funnel campaigns, delivering more closely targeted ads to customers who have already visited your website or even purchased your product is a strong performance-driven tactic, and couldn't be easier! Simply set a budget, select the Website Visitors audience segment, upload your creative, and launch your campaign!

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