Get Your Ad on TV During the Masters

2 min read·Mar 15, 2023

The biggest tournament in golf is coming soon! Take advantage of millions of engaged viewers by promoting a CTV ad commercial during the Masters. CTV ads are a more cost-effective alternative to linear TV commercials, producing actual sales results for retailers and service providers. 

Use CTV Ads During the Masters

Don’t waste money on expensive linear TV commercials during the Masters. Instead, capture viewers who want to shop for your products and services by leveraging CTV’s premium video advertising services.

Save Money

Commercial TV space is extremely limited during the Masters. Advertisers are limited to just four minutes of ads per hour. In addition, due to limited inventory, the average price of a linear TV commercial during the Masters is $75,000 a minute! These hefty price tags make commercial ad slots inaccessible to most businesses. Instead of wasting valuable advertising dollars on ineffective linear TV commercials, use CTV to advertise your ad during the Masters. 

Define Your Audience

Linear TV commercials hit a broad audience, most of which aren’t part of your target audience demographics. As a result, businesses waste money showing their ad to people not interested in their products or services. CTV ad platforms, on the other hand, offer expert audience tailoring options. Narrow your ad viewers to people who fit your target audience and align with these characteristics:

  • Location
  • Demographics, including age, income level, and employment
  • Shopping behaviors
  • Viewing interests

So instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars to show a linear TV commercial to people with little interest in your business, start a CTV ad campaign that serves your preferred audience group.

Better ROI

Golf fans are highly engaged in every minute of the Masters. Many choose to stream the tournament from their phone to stay up to date no matter where they are. CTV ads allow for real-time ad engagement. Include relevant discount promotions, scannable QR codes, or pixel tracking on your site to capture sales immediately. 

In addition, CTV’s expert reporting will tell you how many people saw and engaged with your ad during the Masters. Marketing teams can use this data to refine content for future video ad productions. Furthermore, retailers can analyze which products are sold to golf fans and test promotions and creatives for better results. Businesses that use CTV ads during the Masters can spend their marketing dollars more wisely and effectively, adjusting their creative and marketing as early results begin to roll in.

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