Discover the Most Customizable Digital Channel in Retail Marketing

3 min read·Mar 15, 2023

As CTV advertising campaigns continue to rise in popularity amongst retailers, innovative features are consistently being added to CTV platforms to help increase and track ROI. As a result, consumers get to enjoy more accessible and convenient shopping experiences, and retailers remain relevant to their target audience. 

Customize Your Ads on CTV

CTV ad platforms support several innovative customization features that help retailers promote information that matters to consumers, including inventory levels, sales, and exclusive merchandise. The top three ways businesses customize video content on CTV are:

  • QR Codes - Retailers can prominently display scannable QR codes to direct viewers to specific online content. Connect customers to a unique shopping page or provide detailed directions to your storefront. They can also use QR codes to help clients schedule consultations or sign up for promotional content. 
  • Pixel Tracking - Advertisers can now follow viewers from their connected device TV ad all the way to their website by embedding a simple piece of code in their web header. They can then monitor views, leads, and purchases following a CTV ad impression, and more accurately calculate their ROAS.  
  • Embedded Promotions - As the economic climate continues to challenge consumers, advertisers increasingly put  sales and promotions to work in order to effectively convert sales. Add a discount code or bonus offer to your custom CTV ad to improve sales revenue, viewer engagement, and trackability. 

Customize Your Ad Audience

In addition to creative customization options, CTV's audience segmentation capabilities help retailers optimize video marketing performance so businesses can get their ads in front of more potential consumers and develop targeted strategies that increase conversion.

Customize By Location

Retailers take advantage of CTV's audience location targeting to advertise near storefront locations. For example, grocery stores can create video ads with QR codes that connect to weekly sales flyers by store location. Then, their CTV audience targets can be customized by zip codes within a close radius of that store. As a result, customers can better relate to relevant ad content, and the retailer drives foot traffic to each brick-and-mortar location.

Customize By Interest

Retailers are perfectly positioned to customize their CTV ad strategy for retargeting since they already have so much shopper data, which they can then upload to their CTV ad platform.  Video ads are served to previous shoppers, encouraging repeat purchases and better brand loyalty. In addition, CTV's data-driven reporting allows retailers to define a custom audience based on shopping behaviors, demographics, and online search patterns. As a result, retailers can create custom ads that are served to unique audiences, so marketing teams can spend less, with more effective advertising strategies.

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