Streaming Ads Deliver Market Research to Retailers

3 min read·Mar 06, 2023

At this point in the development - and exponential rise in popularity - of streaming technology, retail advertisers need to include CTV ad campaigns in their marketing strategy. In addition to being an affordable video marketing channel, CTV’s digital infrastructure provides businesses with invaluable marketing research that will set the direction of all your marketing campaigns. 

Streaming’s Superior Digital Infrastructure

CTV is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing channels because of its detailed data and reporting. Unlike traditional TV commercial campaigns, CTV platforms’ digital infrastructure provides businesses valuable market research that drives more impactful marketing efforts.  

Ad Performance Data

CTV takes the guesswork out of marketing campaigns. Stop wondering whether or not your video marketing efforts are effective. Thanks to pixel tracking, GA integration, and/or MMP partnerships, CTV ad platforms like provide data-driven reports that show how many views and engagements your ad received. As a result, retailers can adjust content to suit the interests of potential customers and exponentially boost sales. 

Audience Analysis

Retailers can tailor CTV audiences to target potential customers. For example, upload profiles and information from CRM platforms to reach customers who have already visited your website. CTV’s digital infrastructure will take this information and serve your ad to viewers that meet these pre-qualified characteristics. 

In addition, CTV takes performance reporting one step further by analyzing the demographics, behaviors, and interests of viewers who engage with your ad. Retailers can use this information to build content that aligns with the values and behaviors of that consumer group. 

Real-Time Reporting

Businesses can see exactly how their CTV digital campaign performs in real-time. These valuable insights make the most out of marketing dollars. Save money by pausing or adjusting video ads with which viewers aren’t engaging. Conversely, boost budgets on videos that are performing well. Finally, stop spending money on ad campaigns that aren’t working to increase sales. 

Streaming Insights Improve Digital Marketing Strategies

The data provided by CTV’s digital infrastructure can be used in other marketing strategies. For example, use audience analysis to help define ad targeting on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. The same audience profile that engages with CTV ads will engage in other digital marketing channels. As a result, reports from CTV ads will boost the performance of all digital ad strategies. 

Test Creatives on CTV

Have you considered trying out a new vibe for your digital content? CTV ads are the perfect place to experiment with ad creatives. Advertising on CTV channels is inexpensive, so testing different content directions won’t hurt your marketing budget. In addition, retailers can see precisely how audiences respond to their test creatives. If a new idea responds well with targeted viewers, CTV’s data-driven reporting will show that in real time.

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