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6 min read·Dec 14, 2023

Up-and-coming digital marketing agency Wahha Design has a reputation for their no frills,  laser focus on client growth. After all, Wahha Design CEO, Blake Blaxendell, is an ex-programmer who won’t stand for bogus digital fads or padded campaign performance numbers. They launched their first CTV ad campaign clear-eyed with a “wait and see” attitude that paid off for both their agency and their clients’ business. 

In August of 2022, Blake and his team decided to try CTV for one of their clients looking to increase brand awareness after a period of aggressive organic growth. Their client, a health-focused meal prep service and motivational community, started franchising in 2015 and quickly grew to over 85 locations with nation-wide healthy meal delivery. 

Together with their creative partners, Wahha Design developed a cheeky brand identity that helped them stand out in a crowded field. 






per page view


cost per page view 


WD’s clients had been growing aggressively, expanding their footprint to over 85 locations and 20 states. They needed a way to bring awareness to new brick and mortar clean eating cafes as well as their growing amount of meal kit pick up locations. At the same time, they need to remain top of mind for their existing customers in order to mitigate customer churn. Feeling confident in their existing PPC and PR campaigns, and frustrated with the long slog of SEO growth (who else can relate?!), they followed digital agency Wahha Design’s advice and gave CTV a try. 


Raise awareness for growing company.

Mitigate churn.

Diversify acquisition channels.

Prove the value of CTV to move forward with other clients.

Whether CTV-focused or not, video marketing is unavoidable - from social to search to SEO, so leveraging those assets was an obvious next step. 

"Vibe has one of the largest premium inventories out there and the CPMs just absolutely blew our minds."

WD CEO, Blake Baxendell

Using video assets the company already had available for other channels, they drove some of the highest ROAS results in the company’s history, increasing trackable purchases across channels.


WD’s clients already had a solid brand identity with some existing video assets for social and search, so all it took was some clever editing and they were off to the races, launching their first campaign in Mid-August, just in time for hectic back to school schedules and health resolutions. 


Drive web visits. 

Testing creative and channels to optimize conversion.

Combined retargeting and prospecting campaigns.

They began with a robust prospecting campaign focused on their two most active targets: busy moms and health-conscious single men. They used Vibe’s simple targeting modules to hone in on the premium channels they knew their target audiences preferred and targeted their creative accordingly so viewers could recognize themselves in the ads. Their mom-oriented ad delivered in channels like Hallmark, HGTV, Lifetime, and Bravo, while the creative focused on their male audience showed up on Fox News, ESPN, NFL, and AMC, among others. 

By focusing their strategies on just a handful of targeting dimensions (channels and gender), Wahha Design was able to maintain their client’s campaign CPMs at a staggeringly low $14 average, even on premium channels. In just a month and a half, their ads garnered over 289K impressions with a $0.01 cost per view and a 98% VTR (View Through Rate). 

Vast reach on a net new channel was a first goal, but for their next campaign, Wahha Design decided to draw a more direct connection between their CTV efforts and online purchases. 

For their next campaign, Wahha Design and their creative partners used Vibe's simple web tracking tool to gain more insight into their results while increasing the credibility of CTV marketing for both current and future clients.

"The platform is so easy to use, it helped us experiment and drive for deeper results"


This time around, they used insights from their Vibe dashboard to drive a multi-strategy campaign focusing on broad reach AND lower funnel retargeting. 

Optimized prospecting strategy - The prospecting strategy included: 

  • Pixel tracking 
  • Interest targeting focused on health and wellness 
  • Geo-location targeting of large cities to maximize reach 
  • Channel mix optimization based on insights from previous campaigns - 85% campaign budget allocation 

Retargeting strategy 

  • Gather web traffic data for a week before launch 
  • No other targeting dimensions other than web visitors to ensure deliverability
  • 15% budget allocation for testing 
  • One retargeting specific creative developed highlighting existing customers. 

After almost 8 months with Vibe, Wahha Design was able to deliver convincing, actionable results to their clients, who now have the tools and understanding necessary to continue optimizing their CTV campaigns as they grow. 


By leveraging existing video assets and partnering with Vibe on a combined prospecting and retargeting campaign, Wahha Design was able to deliver a staggering 832.17% ROAS, a $0.05 cost per page view, and massive incremental reach to their clients. They were also able to develop their expertise on a new advertising channel that an increasing number of clients are asking about.

"The pixel tracking was really the biggest game changer. Now that we can clearly link TV ads to sales results, we feel confident approaching performance-driven clients with this tool. It can apply to so many verticals, and contributes to a lift in performance across all digital channels."

Wahha Design CEO Blake Blaxedell

The biggest hurdle is often convincing clients to trust an unclickable channel, but did you know that even Meta relies on only about 20% of click-related measurement while all other results are related to views? Affordability, platform user-friendliness, and premium inventory are finally moving the needle for so many businesses who never even considered TV advertising before.


Strong ROAS. 

Massive reach. Low Cost Per Action.

Incremental reach - bump in organic web traffic 

So many clients know that cable is dying and don’t want to invest large portions of their budget in skippable (and brand unsafe) YouTube ads, but aren’t aware of CTV quite yet. Now is the time to show them the way. 

What’s Next? 

One of the best parts of working with Vibe has been consistent, actionable feature updates like pixel tracking optimization, target audience refinement, UX optimization, inventory growth, household reach tracking, simple user permission sharing, and reliable account management.

Based on earlier campaign results, the team at Wahha Design is excited to increase testing on new location announcement campaigns, channel-specific strategies, more focused geo-targeting, and increasing retargeting campaign budgets for their existing clients while launching more CTV campaigns with new business partners.

Next up? Onboarding new CTV-ready clients with Vibe!

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