Vibe Supercharges Apparel Brand's Performance Campaigns

4 min read·Jul 01, 2024

Branded Bills is a fast-growing E-Commerce brand focused on custom headwear and apparel. Founded in Arizona in 2015, what started with a single knife and branding iron is now a nationwide wholesale and direct to consumer business, still proudly designing and manufacturing their products in the US.

Earlier this year, the marketing team at Branded Bills decided to re-focus their Streaming TV efforts on impactful, trackable performance for both retargeting and customer acquisition campaigns. They left their previous CTV advertising provider for, looking for real-time, granular reporting, premium inventory, and campaign testing flexibility


CPS <$2

Actionable Data


With the support of the Vibe Customer Success team, Branded Bills leveraged existing creative to immediately start testing different targeting strategies and creative optimization solutions with the goal of hitting specific KPIs like Costs Per Session at or under $2.00 along with other, more elusive ones like team members actually seeing their ads on the premium channels they watch at home - something their previous CTV ad partner had never delivered on.

Their first campaign immediately comforted the team in their decision to switch providers:

"Vibe’s account management team was super helpful in getting us on board and the platform is so easy to use and transparent. I can really drill down on the data I’m actually interested in."

Michael Schneider, Marketing Lead

Beyond their solid in-app experience, the team was anxious to see if Streaming TV advertising really could reach high-intent audiences across the purchase funnel on premium channels, so when friends, prospects, and customers all started mentioning their ads on services like ESPN+, CNN, Roku, and Fox, they knew they had finally found the kind of real-world impact they were looking for.



Seasonal Creative Optimization

IP Matching

The Branded Bills team was able to quickly launch prospecting and retargeting campaigns, soon followed by a Klavyio IP matching campaign, garnering meaningful insights in real-time along the way. They were able to engage with past website visitors and users in their CRM system while expanding their overall target pool at the same time. 

Based on goals for the quarter, the Branded Bills team developed 3 separate campaigns

  • Prospecting Campaign highlighting seasonally appropriate apparel and targeting high-intent audiences for their wholesale division like CEOs, small business owners, and marketers. 
  • Retargeting Campaign using Vibe’s simple pixel setup to target past web visitors.  
  • IP Matching Campaign thanks to’s new integration with premier marketing automation platform Klaviyo

All three targeting strategies allowed Branded Bills to deliver customizable, long-form, unskippable ads to relevant audiences, yielding actionable insights in the process. 

"All we needed to do was upload our creative. The Vibe team really helped us finetune our audience targeting strategies from there."

Michael Schneider, Marketing Lead

Branded Bills’ creative team jumped at the chance to develop and test new video assets which would resonate with their existing audience, but also give the brand a new edge. They were able to leverage real-time learnings about which video lengths, CTAs, and visuals actually yielded results thanks to Vibe’s flexible multivariate strategy module to consistently test and optimize their ads. 

"This is where Vibe’s platform transparency became so important. If we were going to test this much, we needed to know we could trust the team 100%, and we do."


311% ROAS

$0.33 cost per session

$23 CPM avg

Results from all three campaigns started rolling in immediately, as key campaign health metrics like low costs per session and CPMs under $25 remained throughout. Return on Ad Spend, especially for retargeting, blew expectations out of the water with a whopping 2,209% on its highest day spike, while prospecting and IP matching campaigns came in at an honorable 145% and 311%, respectively. 

Most importantly, Vibe and Branded Bills teams remained connected and flexible every step of the way, consulting on everything from budget allocation to audience fine-tuning. 

"You guys have done a great job with following up with us and helping us navigate and, even subsidizing tests when it made sense."

Next up? Scaling efforts even further with more custom, targeted ads, deeper IP matching campaigns, and channel targeting experimentation.

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