Vibe 1.30: Live Sports Targeting

3 min read·Dec 01, 2023

Live Sports inventory, new and refined targeting dimensions, more partner apps and channels, and improved retargeting capabilities - what a way to end the year! Vibe is wrapping up 2023 with a focus on performance. Are you?

Live Sports Targeting 🏀🏈🏒⛳

Advertisers can now reach audiences with pinpoint accuracy during their favorite live sporting events!

Select the sports leagues you wish to place your ad next to in the Inventory section of your Vibe dashboard. Your ads will then run with those leagues’ live games, no matter the channel.

How to maximize performance for Live Sports campaigns:

  • Choose the Leagues you want to target. The more leagues you choose, the better your ad delivery rate.
  • Make sure to leave all other targeting dimensions as wide as possible. 📍 Precise location targeting can greatly impact deliverability due to time zone limitations. ℹ️ Retargeting, time slot targeting, and other sports channel selection are not compatible with the Live Sports module.

Learn more about advertising on Live Sports and how to set up your campaign here.

Location exclusion for more precise geo-targeting 🚫📍

In addition to straightforward geolocation targeting of metros, cities, zip codes, and states, you can now also exclude these types of locations from your campaign.

Simply type the location of your choice in the search bar and click Add or Exclude. The same goes for bulk zip code uploads.

New Retargeting Audiences 🔁

Customize your retargeting campaigns for maximum impact. Choose from 3 web traffic types to either retarget or exclude from your campaign:

  • Website Visitors
  • Website Leads
  • Website Purchasers

ℹ️ When choosing one of the available audiences, those not selected will automatically be excluded.

Learn more about audiences and retargeting campaign setup here.

The latest addition to Vibe’s Inventory is Warner Bros’ Max (aka HBO + Discovery)!

Advertisers can now showcase their ads next to cult favorites, from iconic series to award-winning films and bingeable reality TV.

Web and App Tracking Pages 📱🖥️

Users can now access their TV-enabled web and app conversion data under Account Settings in their Vibe account, providing them with an overview of tracked pages / apps and relevant web events.

All campaign setups with a stated goal of either Web Traffic or App Install will now automatically end on this new Web and App Tracking page so you can make sure your pixels and MMPs are gathering all of the right info from Day 1 of your campaign!

Learn more about Web and App Tracking in our Help Center.

ℹ️ A Web Tracking pixel not only helps to retarget your web visitors, it also provides you with granular data on TV-enabled Web Visits, Leads, and Purchases.

New Reporting Dimension: Time of Day ⌚

This new dimension is the latest update to Vibe’s reporting dashboard, showing users more insight into their campaign performance and facilitating further optimizations.

Numbers are based on viewer timezone, aligning with the time slot module in newly launched campaigns.

Improved campaign overview 🤩

On their campaign overview dashboard, Vibe users can now filter and sort their campaigns for easier access! This feature is especially useful for advertisers with several ongoing and completed campaigns.

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