Vibe 1.22: CRM Retargeting

1 min read·Sep 01, 2023

[BETA] Retarget your Email List on CTV 📧

We’re rolling out a brand new targeting feature: Email-based CRM audiences [beta]!

Vibe clients have massively grown their CTV ROAS thanks to retargeting campaigns. Today, we're introducing a new retargeting dimension: email database retargeting [beta]!
To ensure consistent performance, we recommend only clients with large email lists explore this feature. Interested?

🤓 How to Become a Beta tester

If your CRM email database is 10,000 emails or more, please contact us so our team can add the feature to your dashboard.

If your CRM email database is not quite large enough yet, but you’d really be interested in the feature, please let us know.

New Campaign Goal: Retargeting!

You can now select Retargeting as a main campaign goal to laser-focus your efforts on warm leads, ready to convert!

Choosing a campaign goal early on will help optimize your setup for best results.

More insights on retargeting and how it works here.

There's more coming in Q4! Stay tuned 😎

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