Summer Sale Ad Examples and Tips

2 min read·Jul 27, 2023

☀️ It’s hot.☀️ Maaaaan is it hot. No one thinks otherwise, so there’s no need to belabor the point. In this ad, W.L Staton does a great job of getting straight to solutions and differentiators, which is all a frazzled and sweaty customer wants to hear about anyway.

🎯 Remember: CTV advertising is targeted to relevant viewers, so brands can spend way less ad time explaining why prospects should care about their product or service, and focus on explaining how they should respond to the ad, with clear CTAs, on-screen branding throughout the ad, and a little humor thrown in for that dopamine kick.

Here’s why we love it:

A sense of humor: A little laugh goes a long way when it comes to a customer remembering your brand. Ultimately, a long humorous advertising campaign can even become part of pop culture and enters our daily vocabulary. Think of the Geico Caveman, Allstate's Mayhem character, or the Old Spice muscle man. Injecting humor into an advertising campaign can make a lasting impression on consumer awareness.

Americans love dogs: These cute four-legged friends create an emotional bond with the viewer. Need convincing? Check out this essay from the Atlantic about Millennials’ canine obsession or this one from the Economist about what they endearingly call “America’s impoochment.” We’re not even kidding.

Consistent branding: The company logo and phone number are on-screen throughout the entire ad and supported by a catchy jingle at the end. It may seem simple, but that’s why it works. Viewers need to know how and where to further their relationship with your brand.

A clear and memorable Call-To-Action: Stop waitin’, call Staton! 🎶

Short and sweet: The best CTV ads are 15-30s long. A recent report from Videoweek found Gen Z viewers to only spend 4 consecutive seconds of their attention on any given ad, so get to the point! 😳

A clear purchase incentive: A $75 off promotion, applicable to all AC repair purchases. No asterisks or loopholes. That’s how you close a deal. 💪

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