SIG SAUER Pushes Past 1750% ROAS with

2 min read·May 14, 2024

SIG SAUER is a well-known brand with a longstanding reputation as a premier firearms, optics, suppressor, ammunition, and defense product manufacturer in the US, celebrated for its diverse product range, quality, innovation, and renowned training academy. Recognizing the potential to enhance brand visibility and deepen market engagement, SIG’s marketing team has embraced innovative digital performance campaigns.

Recently, a new Digital Marketing Director, Chad Laurent, with extensive experience in media and technology data analytics joined SIG SAUER. His expertise is now guiding SIG’s efforts to expand SIG’s digital footprint effectively. Partnering with, SIG overcame industry challenges and launched compliant advertising campaigns that have significantly broadened its reach, enhanced customer engagement, and delivered exceptional Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Returning web visitors


Brand Recognition

Audience Insights

SIG’s primary goals include enhancing brand recognition, increasing web visitor retention, and gaining deeper audience insights. Historically, SIG has executed several successful local TV ad campaigns. The evolving market conditions and a desire for greater innovation led them to initiate SIG’s first nationwide Streaming TV campaign, focusing on performance metrics like ROAS, impressions, and CPMs to foster both revenue growth and brand loyalty.

In collaboration with, SIG developed and launched a compliant, brand-focused ad campaign for SIG’s binoculars range, attracting a substantial number of new visitors to SIG’s website.



Data Insights and Optimization

7 day attribution

SIG’s inaugural Streaming TV campaign leveraged retargeting strategies to maximize immediate impact and gather valuable audience data. SIG utilized advanced tools like’s proprietary pixel technology to monitor and optimize campaign performance meticulously.

SIG’s data-driven approach allowed them to identify high-engagement demographics and tailor SIG’s strategies, leading to significant improvements in engagement rates across diverse audience segments.


1767% ROAS

$25 CPM

2% Conversion Rate

$0.03 CPV

The campaign achieved a remarkable 1767% ROAS, with cost-effective metrics including a $25 CPM and a $0.03 CPV. These figures underscore the effectiveness of SIG’s strategic approach, even when promoting lesser-known product categories like binoculars. The success of this campaign has set a strong foundation for future initiatives aimed at expanding SIG’s product offerings and further engaging with SIG’s audience through segmented, strategic advertising across all stages of the customer journey.

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