PPC Agency Industrial Clicks Breaks into TV with Vibe

5 min read·Apr 25, 2024

For over 15 years, Industrial Clicks has offered specialized Pay Per Click campaign development and implementation services to brands looking for impactful, measurable lead generation campaigns that convert with Google Ads, LinkedIn, Meta, etc.

Over the last few years, their clients - ranging from sole proprietorships to global corporations to major universities - began asking how to diversify their performance marketing channel mix and mitigate rising CPCs (Costs per Click). With Vibe.co, the team at Industrial Clicks was able to vastly expand their client campaign reach, shorten their client campaign launch timeline, and broaden their range of KPIs beyond last touch attribution



Incremental reach


Client retention

While performance and strong KPIs have been Industrial Clicks’ bread and butter for years, it was becoming increasingly difficult to develop full-funnel, long-term, scalable campaigns addressing a variety of client pain points with as cut and dry a method as PPC. That's when they started looking for alternative performance channels, like Streaming TV Advertising.

"Clients aren’t pulling the trigger to start campaigns with agencies as quickly as they used to. They shop around a lot more. So we started to rethink our ad mix."

Bob Alesio, Industrial Clicks Founder

IC founder Bob Alesio, and Paid Media Manager Rachael Novak started looking for a new digital channel with cachet, higher funnel capabilities, and a broad halo effect, that could still meet their client expectations of strong performance. They spoke to a number of Streaming Ad platforms and ended up creating an agency account with Vibe.co to leverage its large premium channel inventories, reasonable CPMs, self-serve dashboards with customer success support, and solid measurement capabilities

Their clients were immediately smitten. In fact, over a dozen have already launched CTV campaigns by increasing their overall spend with Industrial Clicks and stretching their “performance budgets” to cover more ground. They were eager to broaden the scope of their interactions with customers who needed nurture but weren't ready to convert yet: how could they speak to them without wasting money? That’s where CTV came in.

Clients were especially eager to test this new offering because, in Mr Alesio’s words, 

"The internet is a very big place - everyone is online. TV still has a cachet, especially for the regional advertisers we work with."

Bob Alesio, Industrial Clicks Founder

Within a few days, clients had a brand new range of KPIs to gather insights from, including conversion but also - and this was new - incremental reach, view through rates, costs per view, and brand lift


Premium Inventory

Live Sports Content Targeting

Geo, screen, and income targeting

Frequency capping

The first group of advertisers to add Streaming TV to their Industrial Clicks campaigns were largely in the home decor and improvement sector, so they chose to focus on geo-location and household income targeting as well as live sports and premium channels. Their campaigns were especially successful thanks to advanced campaign capabilities like frequency capping, real-time creative testing, retargeting, and screen-specific targeting

Although most of the advertisers Industrial Clicks introduced to CTV advertising didn’t have “TV ready” creative, none of them seemed daunted by the task. “These days you can produce a very good quality video for a very reasonable price. Plus, anything you produce for CTV will be valuable for your website, your email campaigns, social, etc,” says IC founder Bob Alesio. 

A majority of campaign budgets were earmarked for TV screen targeting specifically to enhance customer trust and keep their attention during a long consideration phase (for home remodels, for example). Live sports targeting, especially, pushed VTRs to just under 100%.

"In a way, it's like a movie theater - it's a captive audience. It's an excellent alternative to banner impressions on a busy web page."

Bob Alesio

Creative testing across channels and campaign types was particularly helpful for clients new to Streaming TV advertising, who ran concurrent ad sets and carefully monitored results to optimize current campaigns and guide future video production. 

"Vibe’s self-serve platform allows us to very easily add, remove, pause, update our campaigns without a lot of heartache."

Bob Alesio

Because most of these campaigns ran as a complement to PPC campaigns, major KPIs for CTV were reach, frequency, CPM, and the ability to geo-target by zipcode, with a special emphasis on granular location targeting. Optimizing campaigns based on contextually relevant channels, location, and income yielded meaningful results, from leads to page views to ROAS, depending on advertiser-specific needs. 


Incremental Reach

Improved client retention

PPC Campaign Boost

$0.02 CPV

99% avg. VTR

With Vibe.co’s help, Industrial Clicks was able to seamlessly add CTV Advertising to their offerings and deepen client relationships, capturing the attention of in-market audiences at scale, on a net new channel

Across dozens of campaigns, the Industrial Clicks team was able to customize strategies by business type and goal, increasing local brand awareness, and drastically shortening purchase decision timelines of higher quality leads while further powering their PPC campaigns.

Thanks to traffic, lead, and purchase pixel tracking running concurrently with retargeting campaigns, advertisers had higher visibility into their campaign results and clearer insights into their ICPs’ behaviors. Meanwhile, Industrial Clicks developed deeper relationships with their clients as they became their guides into a new realm of digital advertising. 

Thanks to Industrial Clicks’ partnership with Vibe.co, their advertisers were able to campaign on TV for the first time, broadening their appeal, reaching new audiences, and burnishing their image with relevant, local, high-income target segments. 

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