Petfolk Exceeds 30% Acquisition Lift with Vibe

4 min read·Jul 04, 2024

Founded by a team of experienced veterinarians, Petfolk is transforming the pet care experience for pets and their parents. Petfolk combines easy access to virtual care with modern, thoughtfully designed facilities for in-person treatment in their pet care centers.

With a commitment to providing world-class veterinary care and leveraging technology to make pet health records accessible from anywhere, Petfolk ensures a seamless and compassionate experience at every step of the pet parenting journey.

The Petfolk team had ambitious growth goals coming into 2024, so they decided to expand their marketing mix to include Streaming TV advertising while maintaining lofty CPA targets across channels. 



Cost per Session <$5

User Acquisition

Although the brand is already four years old, aggressive growth across the US keeps the team attached to a decidedly “start up performance” mindset, with KPIs to match. They needed to work with an easy-to-onboard platform that would deliver both innovative engagement tools and transparent, granular data. 

"I loved the Vibe platform. It's super user-friendly. The results, the tracking, the reporting, and the ability to optimize CTV campaigns are honestly some of the best I've seen."

Austin Bronstein, Growth Marketing

Thanks to Vibe’s self-serve platform, backed up by a committed customer success team, Petfolk was able to leverage existing social assets to go after both existing web visitors and net new clinic patients


Granular Targeting

Real-Time Optimization

Audience Building

The Petfolk team was rearing to go and launched concurrent retargeting and prospecting campaigns quickly by simply repurposing video assets from social media, leveraging Vibe’s ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) System for instant content approval.

"We had a 30-second asset that we had used for a past campaign and our AE, Dylan, literally said ‘Send it over, we'll make it work on CTV for you.’ You don't get that kind of partnership in a lot of places."

Austin Bronstein, Growth Marketing

They tested various creative lengths and looks to gather real-time insights early on in the campaign.

The retargeting campaign focused on 2 goals:

  • Converting high-intent audiences already familiar with the brand, but also
  • More precisely defining the best types of audiences to go after for prospecting.

For their prospecting campaign, Petfolk knew they were going to need very specific audiences to reach their goals, and Vibe knew where to find them.

Recent customer market research revealed that Petfolk ideal customer profile data included income-based targeting, new homeowners, geo-location by ZIPcode, and pet owners. When the team layered that information with insights from their retargeting campaign in real-time, results were virtually instant. This type of granular audience targeting allowed Petfolk to ensure they didn’t waste budget on irrelevant impressions, especially in the wake of Meta’s recent push for broader audience targeting.  

Once metrics and trends for KPIs like Cost per Session, CPV, ROAS, VTR, avg. CPM became clearer for the Petfolk team, it was time to optimize. Vibe’s Sales and Customer Support teams worked with PetFolk to isolate pertinent reporting data and empower the team to enhance their campaigns as they were running. When certain ZIPcodes or new homeowner targets didn’t yield the household reach Petfolk was looking for, Vibe was able to drill down and find them, to outstanding effect. 

"The Support team was incredible, walking us through reporting, optimizing, and making recommendations for when we weren’t sure what to do next."

Austin Bronstein

This test and learn approach empowered Petfolk to take full control of their campaign, zeroing in on exactly what they needed out of their first CTV effort. 


30% customer acquisition lift

534% ROAS

$1.37 Cost Per Session 

Results surpassed expectations: early retargeting campaigns helped solidify target audience profiles for subsequent prospecting campaigns, while consistently leading to conversion and trackable ROAS. Meanwhile, new customer acquisition was up by 30% within a week of launch

"Vibe’s reporting is so detailed and transparent, we could plainly see their attribution model working for us."

Austin Bronstein

In fact, the Petfolk team ran budget optimization tests that demonstrated a clear correlation between their spend with Vibe and customer acquisition rates. 

"We have found that visual messaging is really valuable to us, with the right partner, and are beyond happy with Vibe’s results."

Austin Bronstein

Looking to the future, the Petfolk team is excited to develop fresh creative integrating learning from their campaigns on the video lengths, CTAs, messaging, and visuals that work best for their audiences.

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