How To Define Your CTV Audience Ahead of the Big Game

3 min read·Feb 01, 2023

Kansas City and Philadelphia meet head-to-head in the year's biggest sporting event! Take advantage of millions of viewers choosing to stream the Big Game on their connected devices. Your 30-second commercial will be served in front of a massive audience of potential customers for only a fraction of the cost of traditional TV commercials. 

CTV Advertising & Major Sporting Events

The number of sports fans "cutting the cord" with cable is rising. Thanks to ESPN+, Amazon Prime, Fubo, and HULU Live, viewers can stream their favorite sports teams. The shift from traditional TV to streaming platforms makes CTV advertising the premium choice for businesses during the Big Game on February 13th.

Benefits of CTV Sports Ads

When it comes to performance and reporting metrics, CTV ads and traditional TV commercials don't compare! CTV advertising provides flexible air times that suit any budget. Plus, CTV platforms provide extensive reporting so that you can see how many viewers saw and engaged with your video ad. 

The battle for the Lombardi Trophy is the single most-watched sporting event in the United States. As a result, traditional TV commercials can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to air during major sporting events. Don't overspend to put your business in front of football fans. CTV ads are dynamic and only cost as much as you set your budget max to be. So you can spend a fraction of the money and have your ad served multiple times to sports fans.

Additionally, most CTV ads are under 30 seconds and are non-skippable. As a result, fans are hyper-focused on the game and pay attention during commercials. This eagerness to watch and non-skip feature means your business will be seen by tons of potential customers!

Define Your CTV Audience

The final matchup between America's top professional football teams is a highly coveted sporting event. Millions of people will be tuned in to stream the game, but not all of those fans fit your target audience. Make the most of your CTV advertising budget by defining your ad audience. There are tons of ways to target potential customers with CTV ads. Narrow ad viewership by defining viewers' characteristics such as:

  • Shopping behaviors, including interests, hobbies, buying habits, and online activities
  • Viewing history
  • Location by zip code or city
  • Key demographics like age, income, and education
  • Purchase and ad engagement history
  • Past and current customers

February is a big month for marketing with Valentine's Day closely followed by Spring sales. Your team is juggling multiple campaigns and a hefty content calendar. Stay one step ahead of the competition and define your CTV audience now!

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