How To Advertise On Local TV

3 min read·Dec 20, 2022

Did you hear that Meta will lose $10B in advertising revenue this quarter due to Apple privacy changes? No? Well now you know. Sounds like it’s time to start looking for a new way to advertise your local business. Don’t worry, we have your back.

While social media advertising has been dealing with an absolute mudslide of bad news since the GDPR/ATT double whammy, Connected Television advertising has grown exponentially. Just look at these stats:

  • 85% of US households own at least one connected television device.
  • 72% of TV viewers have “cut the cord” and switched to CTV since 2020.
  • 60% of media buyers call CTV more effective than linear TV at delivering website sales/actions.
  • CTV is by far the fastest growing advertising channel this year, with an estimated $50B spent in 2022.
  • 9 out of 10 of all major advertisers in the US Market call CTV a must-buy, according to the latest IAB Outlook Report.

OK, but large scale television advertising is just for Fortune 500 companies, right? Wrong.

Companies of any size can and should advertise on local channels with CTV rather than linear or social because:

  • It’s easily targetable, trackable, and customizable. That means your team can gather audience insights, prove ROI, easily track ROAS, and benefit from the engagement lift of customization with viewers reporting a 5 to 8 time higher intent to purchase based on customization.
  • It’s safer than more traditional mobile and online channels: do you really want your coaching business ad to run before aunt Barbara’s random conspiracy theory video?
  • It’s effective. You may be advertising with a local affiliate offering ABC’s best content, but if no one watches it live, they won’t see your ad.
  • CTV ads aren’t skippable and have 97% view-through rate.
  • It’s easy and scalable.  No need to manually contact local news channels to work out individual deals across locations anymore! Work with a CTV buyer like Vibe, and start programmatically buying on local channels today!
  • It’s the future! IAB Advisory Services predicts that local CTV spending will grow to $3.8B by 2026.

Ready to get started? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, (4, 5, 6)!

Here’s how it works:

  • Register for free on
  • Define your campaign dates and budget.
  • Define your targets by demographic and location.
  • Choose from over 500 premium channels and apps (including hundreds of local offerings).
  • Upload your 15 or 30 second video.
  • Launch! 🚀🚀🚀
  • Watch campaign results roll in in real-time.

The hardest decision will be picking out your outfit when the boss offers you a promotion!

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