How The FAST CTV Revolution Should Affect Your Ad Strategy

3 min read·Mar 20, 2023

FAST stands for free ad-supported streaming TV, where viewers can access programming at no cost, as long as they are willing to put up with ad breaks - and apparently, they are, in droves! In fact, FAST channels are the fastest growing streamed content type this year. FAST movies and shows are available through popular streaming platforms like PlutoTV, Roku, Tubi, and more. As a result, more businesses are including FAST CTV channels in their ad strategies to capture TV users for less. 

Benefits of Advertising on FAST CTV

A Medium Built for You

FAST channels are built for ads, usually by companies with a long history of working with television advertisers (ViacomCBS owns Pluto, Fox owns Tubi, NBC owns XUMO, etc.). This means their infrastructure is meant to work for you: seamless ad integration into the content stream, low CPMs, transparent reporting, etc. So before you start looking for places to trim your budget in order to afford a $60 Netflix CPM (with no targeting capabilities), consider investing in FAST advertising with 

Free to Stream

Viewers access FAST CTV channels at no cost. All programs are pre-scheduled like linear television. To offset the $0 streaming price, FAST media integrates ads throughout every TV show or movie. People who utilize FAST CTV services expect to see ads, making these slots prime opportunities to showcase your business. Get your company’s products and services in front of the largest audience in CTV, who are engaged and receptive to advertisements.

Audience Targeting

Businesses can define who sees their ad based on predetermined demographics, interests, behaviors, and location. FAST CTV platforms provide the same audience tailoring options as paid streaming services. As a result, businesses use marketing dollars more effectively by showing their commercials to an audience who wants to buy their products.  

Dynamic Ad Insertion

The platform makes promoting your video on FAST channels easy. First, define your budget, audience, and campaign length. Then, upload your video. Vibe will do the rest! Together with our FAST channel partners, Vibe is able to use your audience preferences to insert ads dynamically. These algorithms ensure each video ad is seen by viewers who are interested in the content. Businesses don’t have to worry about buying ad times or figuring out their target audience’s favorite shows. As a result, ads get higher conversion rates, and viewers see content relevant to their habits and preferences.

Available on Any Connected Device

FAST channels can be viewed on any connected device. As a result, businesses can capture their target audience wherever they prefer to watch content on their TV screens, tablets, mobiles, or laptops. In addition, this flexibility makes FAST CTV platforms more attractive to streamers, growing the audience base for advertisers. 

Future Growth of FAST CTV

As viewership grows, more and more OTT service providers opt to produce FAST CTV channels, especially as a challenging economy forces viewers to cut costs, making free streaming services attractive. As a result, the availability of FAST CTV is expected to grow as providers offer more free content in exchange for ad promotions. FAST channels are an excellent advertising opportunity for businesses who want to get their products and services in front of a tailored audience. So join the FAST CTV revolution and include FAST channels in your ad strategy!

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