Holiday Season Ad Highlights

2 min read·Dec 01, 2022

Whether you want to make ‘em laugh or pull at the ole heart strings, these campaigns have a little something for everyone. Time to get inspired!

Ikea flips the script with #BuybackFriday

The team at Ikea understands their sustainably-minded shoppers need a visit from Dr. Feelgood before shopping their heads off on Black Friday.

Running in 27 countries around the world, this long-form ad cleverly (and emotionally) threads the needle of highlighting Ikea’s durable, desirable products while reassuring shoppers that they are participating in a sustainable, circular economy, guilt free.

Bed Bath and Beyond inspires us to buy for… ?

Black Friday is about shopping for… others?

Bed, Bath, and Beyond deals with shoppers’ guilt head-on in this hilarious ad, which cleverly highlights their range of products while easing their target demographic’s mind. In this clever sleight of hand, pots, pans, and weighted blankets become virtuous house purchases as opposed to reckless indulgences. Well done!

The holidays are meant to be shared

Knowing its customers all celebrate differently, Target launched a campaign highlighting multi-cultural holidays to showcase its commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Focusing on families, traditions and time shared - and all the tableware that goes with it - Target sticks to to its values, highlighting community and connection.

Etsy understands their shopper

Etsy’s holiday campaign this year evokes the deeply emotional impact of time: whether it’s time spent travelling, customizing a gift, or sharing a meal. In its 15s, 30s, or 60s ad, Etsy highlights shoppers around the world, cleverly shown enjoying unspecified celebrations in unspecified places.

In this ad, an Etsy gift is a meaningful gift. Jackpot.

Are we ever home alone if we have Google?

Forget flying cars, even the most imaginative kid early 90s never could have foreseen a future full of voice-activated robots, and yet… here we are.

In this ultimate example of brand awareness campaigning, Google draws viewers in with a star-studded seasonal satire, moving the Google brand back to top of mind with a quippy CTA: “Make Google do it!”

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