Easily Target or Blacklist Your CRM Database on CTV

2 min read·Mar 27, 2023

Your CRM database is a marketing goldmine. This information allows businesses to streamline advertising campaigns and generate relevant content for new and existing customers. There is no better marketing channel to utilize CRM data in an innovative way than CTV. 

CTV platforms help companies to leverage existing client lists through precise audience-targeting software. Learn how to use CRM data to encourage repeat sales and boost new customer conversions.

Why Target Your CRM Database on CTV?

Share your CRM database with your favorite CTV platform account manager, and engage viewers who are already interested in your products and services. This audience information represents warm leads for your company: people who have either already bought from your business or engaged with your website. Capitalize on this interest by serving video ads directly to this filtered audience.

Thanks to household IP tracking, CTV platforms offer precise audience targeting. Select your CRM database in the audience filter to serve ads exclusively to people on this list. CTV ads directed at viewers in a registered CRM database produce a higher ROI than any other targeted audience. Capture sales, boost engagement, and maximize your marketing budget by leveraging customer data on CTV. 

Promote Relevant Content

To make the most out of a CRM-focused CTV campaign, make sure to create video ads that resonate with this specific audience segment. Examples of video ideas that will generate high-performing results are:

  • New product launches 
  • Exclusive benefits or discounts for returning customers
  • Variations of your best-selling product or service
  • A differentiating factor that encourages viewers to consider your business over the competition 

Why Blacklist Your CRM Database on CTV

It might seem counterintuitive to block your existing customer base from seeing an advertisement, but blacklisting your CRM database is an effective CTV marketing strategy. If your campaign goal is to acquire new customers, you need to avoid paying for “wasted impressions” and focus on targeting people who need to learn about your business. The easiest way to do that is to exclude customers you already have. 

For example, a business develops a new client acquisition video campaign that offers a percentage off to first-time shoppers on their website. This strategy is an excellent way to sway new customers to invest in products, especially if customers who already shopped on the site won’t qualify for this offer. By blacklisting their CRM list, enterprises are optimizing their budgets and are more likely to meet their goal of converting new customers. 

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