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2 min read·Dec 19, 2022

How to find the right audiences with CTV

The promise of CTV, in a nutshell, is to deliver the same premium experience advertisers expect from traditional TV campaigns with the targeting power of digital channels (or at least the power they used to have - don’t get us started on Apple’s ATT-induced signal loss…)


The reason Vibe.co can target and track impressions in real time while the rest of the world is dealing with devastating signal loss is simple: Household IP Targeting. Household IP Targeting is the process of targeting internet advertising to specific households based on their Internet Protocol address (which is the string of numbers assigned to your internet connection by your Internet Service Provider), without cookies! That means your ads can reach the right target every time and even retarget existing leads or customers. No wasted impressions or budget!

With great power comes great responsibility

Buyer beware! While the thrill of granular targeting capabilities can lead some TV marketers to target their campaigns within an inch of their lives, over-targeting can lead to disappointing campaign results and ultimately work against you.

It’s important to keep in mind that all targeting strategies aren’t the same and should be considered separately. There are 3 main ways to target your CTV campaign:

1. Demographic

2. Contextual

3. by Interest

It’s usually best to focus on one type of targeting strategy at a time to ensure optimal deliverability rates. How? Well, it could mean you choose to leave age range targeting open if you are narrowly focusing on only 2 or 3 channels for your campaign or, inversely, you could focus on audience age, gender, and location while choosing to leave channel targeting unspecified.

If you’re not sure which targeting strategy will yield the best results, test them! Real-time reporting and multi-strategy campaign capabilities on the Vibe.co platform allow you to easily divide your campaign into separate demographic, contextual, and interest strategies and adjust as results become available.

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