Streaming Campaigns are Massively Increasing Retail Sales. Here’s How.

3 min read·Mar 17, 2023

Consumers are changing how and where they shop. The most successful retailers use omni-channel ad strategies to target customers in as many places as possible. The retail landscape continues to evolve as shopping behaviors expand across digital and in-person channels. As a result, businesses are learning how to develop marketing strategies that engage users on every connected device to meaningfully engage with as many customers as possible. CTV advertising, especially, is making a significant impact on retail campaign performance through audience targeting, innovative engagement features, and real-time reporting. 

Retailers Leverage CTV To Increase Sales

Increase Foot Traffic

Drive shoppers to your brick and mortar stores thanks to geo-targeting. Good CTV ad platforms allow retailers to serve ads to customers within specific geographic locations (ZIP code, city, state, DMA). This strategy effectively reaches nearby shoppers, so retailers can tailor ad content to highlight relevant store inventory and ongoing promotions.

Boost Online Sales Conversions

Because CTV streams content online, viewers can watch their favorite shows across connected devices - mobile, tablet, tv screen, etc. , which means they can be reached across a broad spectrum of content and audience types. Retailers can include scannable QR codes in their videos and direct viewers to specific landing pages. Encourage customers to buy exclusive products or book appointments with interactive ad features on-screen. In addition, retailers can persuade shoppers to buy instantly with special promotional codes only accessed through a CTV ad. 

Expert Audience Definition

Retailers are spending marketing dollars more effectively using CTV’s audience-targeting software. For example, linear TV commercials are broadcasted to a specific region, but advertisers cannot tailor viewers based on demographics, interests, or shopping behaviors. As a result, companies spend money showing video ads to people who aren’t interested in their products. In comparison, CTV platforms allow retailers to tailor their ad audience by age, income, education, location, interests, and other specific characteristics that align with their target consumer base.

Track Ad Performance

CTV takes the guesswork out of ad performance. Thanks to innovative tracking and conversion reporting, retailers can see which videos contribute to sales. Even better, businesses receive comprehensive reports that compare ad spending to dollars earned. As a result, retailers get an accurate ROI for every campaign. Marketers can adjust creative content based on viewer engagement and spend budgets in more impactful ways.

Affordable Campaigns

Not only are CTV ads an effective and lucrative marketing strategy, but they are also affordable. Retailers can reach thousands of viewers for less than $50. As a result, businesses spend pennies on the dollar compared to linear TV commercials while capturing more customers. So it’s no wonder over 80% of retailers report including CTV advertising in their 2023 marketing campaign strategies. 

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