CTV Advertising Strategies for Apps

4 min read·Dec 20, 2022

User  acquisition in the mobile app and gaming industry is harder than ever.  Competition is tough, app download ad platforms often show their limits  when you scale your budgets, fraud is omnipresent and new channels are  scarce. Could CTV and OTT be the next big thing for user acquisition?

The new era of television. Measurable and cost effective.

For a long time, TV has been a screen only used by traditional  advertisers for branding campaigns. Minimum budgets were very high, it  was an operational nightmare and it was close to impossible to measure  effectiveness and return on ad spend.

Connected TV has changed the rules in the past few years with now over 80% of American households being OTT content watchers. More advertisers can access TV inventory and put their brand on the screen generating the most attention.

Measurability is also a big advantage of Connected TV. Leading Mobile  Measurement Partners (MMP) such as Google Analytics, AppFlyers or  Adjust now allow advertisers running ads on CTV to measure their app  downloads and ROAS directly in their platforms.

Targeting strategies

At Vibe, we’ve been helping app publishers generate downloads through  CTV, providing highly competitive CPIs across a wide range of  industries; for example, gaming, food delivery or even FinTech. We've  identified several strategies guaranteeing strong results:

#1 Interest Targeting

Interest targeting allows you to target users based on their  interests, past behaviour, life events or even their intent to buy  specific products (in-market). This is extremely valuable for advertiser  willing to narrow down their target and have a high impact coverage on  it.

#2 Socio-Demo Targeting

Socio-demo targeting allows advertisers to target people based on  information such as their age, gender or household income. It can help  advertisers focus on a high value and core target while running broad  campaigns on premium content providers.

#3 Content Targeting

Every marketer knows content is key. It's true for your creatives but  it's also true for where your content will run. Selecting the right  channels and content providers to run your ad with is what can make or  break your campaign. Affinity between the content that is being watched  and your ad is also very important and can greatly improve your campaign  performance.

#4 Geographic Targeting

Location, location, location. Most successful advertisers either focus on specific geographic areas (States, Cities, ZipCode) or have a  dynamic strategy for each location they’re advertising within. This  allows them to control and allocate budget accordingly to their  objective. Whether they want to prioritise generating installs at a  specific location or get the best CPI wherever it comes from.

#5 Time Of Day Targeting

TV audiences change depending on the time of day. As a TV marketer it  can be very important to understand when does your core audience  watches TV to be sure that you're not wasting budget at the wrong hours.

#6 Reengagement/Retargeting

Connected TV allows app marketer to reach their first-party audiences  on TV. Advertisers can deliver a custom message to users who have not  used their app in the past 14 days to reduce their churn, target active  users to push a special offer or even target users who have stopped  using their apps. Retargeting is a great way to get a lot of ROAS  through CTV ad campaigns.

Bonus: Exclusion

When an app gets wildly popular, it can be hard to ensure that a  given budget will only reach new users to generate incremental value.  With first-party data onboarding, it is now possible to exclude your  active users base to be sure to target people who are not using your  app.


As you can see, Connected TV and OTT advertising now offers the same  capabilities as major ad networks such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads and  performance can be even higher! So if you are not using CTV to generate  app installs, what are you waiting for? Get started today with Vibe!

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