Best Summer Sale CTV Ad Examples

2 min read·May 30, 2024

Summer is here and shoppers are reinventing themselves for the season. That means they are more open than ever to switching brands or being tempted by Summer sales and promos. YOLO, as the kids say…🤓

Check out how some of our favorite brands are turning up the heat on their CTV campaigns and get inspired!

CTV Ad Example #1: Omichannel activation

Summer Forever, PepsiCo

PepsiCo is kicking it old school, tapping into core American Summer memories and enlisting the help of TikTok stars like Isabel Clancy (@isabelclanc) to extend their reach across platforms. The emotional arc bridging from 1987 to today is a great way to celebrate a moment rather than a product and tell a brand story rather than push to convert. That can happen lower down the funnel on other channels. Here, Pepsi is reminding shoppers what Summer is all about and how to enjoy it to the fullest. Consumers purchase at least twice as many old drinks in the Summer than any other time, so it makes sense for Pepsi to invest in higher level brand awareness right now.

CTV Ad Example #2: Customer insights

For the Stay, Hilton

For the first time in six years, the Hilton brand is launching a major cross-platform campaign, based on global consumer insights. They’ve chosen to lean into the inevitable complications that come with travel and put “where you stay” back at the heart of the conversation, as they capitalize on the biggest travel surge since 2018. They’re standing out in a crowded field by eschewing dreamy beach shots in favor of a consumer-centric approach focused on real-world situations - with a twist.

CTV Ad Example #3: Customization

Meet the Outdoorsies, Wayfair

Wayfair cleverly manages to have their cake and eat it too, as it were, by creating an ad that appeals to three distinct customer personas in one 30 second ad! While their down funnel digital ad sets target specific demographics more precisely, they’re able to generate brand awareness and product-specific creative all wrapped up in a lively, colorful ad that still manages to get down to brass tacks: price, product styling options, Wayfair app promo, etc. Well done, Wayfair!

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