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3 min read·Dec 19, 2022 offers radical transparency in CTV reporting thanks to new partnership with MetricWorks and MetricWorks are teaming up to make it easy for marketers to launch CTV campaigns with accurate incrementality measurement.  Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in global viewers moving from linear TV to CTV streaming services.  This trend has created a fantastic opportunity for marketers to leverage new  programmatic platforms like CTV DSP

Launched just over a year ago by adtech industry veterans, aims to radically democratize access to television advertising by developing the first self-serve platform in the industry; becoming, in essence, the “Google Ads of CTV.”  Businesses big and small can now launch hyper targeted CTV campaigns in mere minutes with CPMs at or below other social media or Google prices, and 3rd party, real-time reporting. is singularly focused on developing the most powerful, simple, and transparent CTV tool in the industry. Nothing more, nothing less.

“We obviously believe in the power of CTV, and so do our investors who just funded a $6.35M seed round a mere three months after we released our self-serve feature, but advertisers are still wary of this new technology, and I don’t blame them,” says co-founder Arthur Querou. “For years, ad tech solutions were plagued with bloated account management teams, unnecessary features, and confusing reporting. But here’s what I want them to know: the CTV of 2022 is incomparable to its early days. Measurement tools and standards, especially, have developed in ways we couldn’t have dreamed of, even just a year ago. has kept its promise to our clients: launching the simplest, most transparent, most powerful platform. And now, thanks to MetricWorks, we finally have the opportunity to prove the true power and scalability of this exciting new channel,” he concludes.

MetricWorks is the leading provider of MMM-based incrementality measurement which closes the gaps in last touch measurement. MetricWorks’ incrementality MMP, Polaris, in particular, is a low effort, easy, drop-in addition that doesn’t require any extra SDKs, additional skills, device IDs or heavy migration lift.  Polaris offers an easy, turnkey “MMP experience” so that you can get started in 24 hours. It also integrates directly with your last touch MMP to provide a single repository for side-by-side comparisons of your last touch and incrementality data.

“We are excited to partner with to deliver a powerful solution that will make it easy for marketers to try out CTV with the assurance of comprehensive and granular incremental measurement that is far superior to last touch measurement,” said Brian Krebs, CEO and co-founder at MetricWorks. “Our partnership will enable marketers to leverage media mix modeling (MMM) to ensure that they achieve performance marketing success on CTV which has been an undervalued medium.”

If you are looking for an edge over your competitors that will elevate your marketing effectiveness, please contact either Dimitri or Chris (info below) to see how easy it can be:


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