Streaming Advertising in 2023

4 min read·Dec 19, 2022

2023 Predictions

  • Broadcasters go all-in on platforms
  • Just take a walk in New York or any major city: 50% of Out Of Home ads are for a streaming service and/or a related show. Platforms are the future of revenue for broadcasters and OEMs. Traditional TV s slowly disappearing as streaming grows.
  • Ad-supported subscriptions become the norm
  • As ever more streaming platforms continue to emerge, paid subscription growth is becoming financially unsustainable for consumers. Most platforms are now planning to offer less expensive plans with an ad-supported option. Netflix is already testing it, Disney+ is coming, and others will follow.
  • Mobile becomes a major OTT screens
  • While we talk a lot about the “TV” in “CTV,” we often forget to mention that mobile screens get a lot of eyeballs as well. Gen Z consumes vast amounts of video content on their phone - don’t overlook it, especially in 2023 as streaming continues growing.
  • Performance advertising (and measurement) become #1 priority
  • If TV wants to become a major advertising channel in digital advertising, it has to solve its measurement issues to prove its ability to drive direct response performance. Most measurement platforms are already focused on this issue and the rest of the industry will rally behind their efforts in 2023.
  • Big mergers are coming (Disney + Apple = ❤️ & 🤑)
  • As the market grows and broadcasters focus on streaming, consolidation is to be expected. We will probably hear rumors and announcements of mergers and acquisitions from players in this space soon. With Disney’s iconic CEO, Bob Iger’s, return, industry peers are speculating that Disney and Apple could merge soon!
  • Usage and ad spend continue rapid growth
  • While streaming is on everyone’s mind, traditional cable TV is far from dead; but 2023 will most likely be the first year of undeniable decline for linear TV. The best content will only be available through streaming, and platforms are going to aggressively market themselves. OTT will become the norm.
  • Inventory becomes more private
  • As demand grows, OTT ad inventories will become more and more private in order to maximize revenues for publishers, making it harder to access except for big brands. Advertisers will be left wishing that an ad platform could consolidate these inventories and simplify their ad buying. OH WAIT, it exists, it’s called!
  • Content becomes more targetable
  • While broadcasters are still very protective of their data and hesitate to let advertisers granularly target specific contents on their apps and channels, they will most likely be opening up this information to advertisers in 2023 under the umbrella  of preferred & private access deals. Access will be a top priority at Vibe.
  • Mid-tail and long-tail advertisers move to OTT advertising
  • Gone are the days when TV advertising was the exclusive province of Fortune 500 brands. As OTT turns television into a digital medium, TV advertising is now as accessible, impactful, and measurable a channel as Social, Display, and Online Video advertising. Thanks to CTV, brands of any size can now leverage television advertising to grow their market share.
  • Politics become #1 spend category
  • While political organizations may not be advertising much in the beginning of 2023, presidential campaigning will start to pick up serious steam in the second part of the year. Political advertising will become ubiquitous on TV for the next 18 months, until November ‘24.
  • Live streaming (Twitch) gets more viewership than ever thanks to huge events and giant leap in production quality
  • 2022 was a defining year for independent streamers: some streaming events now gather millions of simultaneous viewers and production budgets are through the roof. Twitch still dominates the game but is increasingly challenged by newcomers and other major video platforms, like YouTube. 2023 will be the year for streamers to be considered major players in the video streaming industry and start getting insane sponsorship offers and ad budgets.
  • Social ad budgets move to OTT
  • As CTV advertising becomes as impactful as other digital advertising channel and social platforms encounter increasing performance issues, advertisers are moving budgets from social to TV - a tactic that will only accelerate in 2023.
  • Vibe remains the best TV ad platform on the market
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