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4 min read·Mar 14, 2024

Smartliner, USA, is a leading custom-fit vehicle floor liner brand. They have steadily grown their Amazon business, with stellar YOY sales numbers, withstanding wild market variations that especially affected the automotive sector. Today, they are diversifying channels, building brand awareness and a robust web traffic pipeline with Streaming and Linear TV campaigns. 

Head of E-Commerce and Marketing, Antonieta Lairet and her team, launched agile television campaigns late last year, testing and optimizing their ad sets every few weeks, based on real-time reporting. 


Channel Diversification

Web Traffic

Revenue Increase

SmartLiner hadn’t advertised on television since 2020, and never on Streaming TV, so they had no reliable benchmarks to work against. They started out working with an agency, hoping they would provide context for their results, but decided it was important to conduct aggressive testing and optimization so they brought all Streaming TV advertising efforts in-house, with great success. 

"We started as a very popular brand on Amazon, but that hadn't given us the recognition we wanted. Our goal for this campaign was to increase brand awareness and web traffic across the board."

Antonieta Lairet

Their main KPIs were scalable CPMs, impressions, CPV (around $0.03), ROAS, and Revenue. 


Aggressive Testing

Audience vs. Channel Targeting


After speaking with a few cable providers with streaming services and other programmatic CTV platforms, the team at SmartLiner chose to work with Vibe so they could leverage its easy-to-use platform and vast premium channel inventory. 

They selected three of the main campaign modules which inform the pacing, frequency, and CPM capping of an entire campaign: Awareness, Web Traffic, and Retargeting

Campaign Goal Modules

The Awareness campaign yielded solid CPMs and vast reach, but was difficult to measure beyond that. Those types of campaigns are meant to get brand messaging out with a wider audience on premium channels to maximize reach, qualified by high-caliber content. In search of more actionable KPIs, however, they developed a Web Traffic campaign to support their Awareness efforts. 

For this next campaign, they narrowed down their audience targeting and installed a Vibe tracking pixel to achieve effective cost metrics for sessions based on pixel information. Narrowing down audiences and letting the bidding process find them wherever they were immediately lowered their CPMs and CPV, while the pixel allowed for ROAS and revenue measurement.

"We didn’t know what to make of our results at first. Speaking with our Vibe Success Manager and understanding how to fully leverage pixel tracking for web visits, clicks, and purchases was a game changer for us."

Antonieta Lairet

They kept the Web Traffic campaign going, testing different creatives, targets, and real-time optimizations every two or so weeks, while developing a Retargeting campaign in parallel. That’s when performance really took off, boasting a 1,635.58% ROAS for broad targeting and a 1,212.57% ROAS for narrow targeting.

Across campaigns, testing continued, encouraging shorter creative, different channel types, and broad audience targeting. Even though Retargeting campaigns had the most stunning results, running both top and lower funnel campaigns at the same time is key to maintaining those results long-term, while keeping enough room for experimentation.

The leadership team at SmartLiner undertook one such experiment by leveraging Vibe’s new live sports league offering, which allows advertisers to deliver their content next to live games in the league of their choice, no matter the streaming channel. Early results weren’t as promising as other strategies had been, but traffic driven to the site from this strategy visited 4 times more pages onsite than average. 

Up next? Lairet plans to vastly expand testing this year to see what other insights the brand uncover.

Ultimately, Streaming TV campaigns across strategy types maintained a $0.03 CPV and 6 ad sets (for testing) per strategy, with staggering results.

Awareness Campaign

99% ROAS for broad targeting

25% ROAS for narrow targeting

Retargeting Campaign

1,635.58% ROAS for broad targeting

 1,212.57% for narrow targeting

Performance Streaming TV advertising made a huge impact on SmartLiner’s revenue this quarter, while meeting their team’s campaign goals with the strategic flexibility, and measurable KPIs they were looking for at launch. It drove more frequent, longer site visits for new and returning shoppers on a net new channel outside of the Amazon ecosystem and unearthed valuable audience insights, applicable across channels.

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