How to Track and Measure CTV Ad Performance?

3 min read·Dec 20, 2022

We at Vibe are obsessed with one thing: democratizing the ad tech space so that marketers, innovators, and business owners can run impactful ads without having to deal with industry gatekeeping and expensive middle-men. To that end, we have been publishing guides and articles meant to help you test the waters of CTV and OTT in a safe, supportive environment.

You may have already read our Comprehensive Guide on OTT or watched the Vibe platform demo video, but now you’re wondering what life will look like on the other side of your campaign launch. Not to worry, we are here with everything you need to know about CTV ad measurement.

One of the most exciting aspects of CTV and OTT advertising is the opportunity it affords marketers to drastically rethink target measurement and audience segmentation. As GDPR, ePrivacy Regulation, and 3rd party cookies policies become increasingly stringent, CTV is leading the way in targeting by household, interest, income, viewing history, and location, which have proven to be much more impactful than traditional demographic segments like age or gender alone.

By identifying device IDs and viewing history, Vibe can create in-depth data profiles that are mapped to individual households rather than populations within a set demographic (as with traditional television) and create far more specific and fine-tuned campaign recommendations.

Not only are Connected TV targeting filters more actionable, the attribution models for CTV are more transparent than ever - if you work with the right platforms. While marketers have become used to relying on unverifiable walled garden self-reporting (hello Google and Facebook!), platforms like Vibe now work with 3rd parties to independently verify campaign attribution and provide campaign results in real time, so you know every dollar spent is working for you.

That means that CTV advertising campaigns are more reliably impactful, more trackable, and more agile than most digital advertising products available today. CTV ad measurement is not only possible but it is both customizable and transparent, as it tracks campaign views, on and off-line conversions, and brand lift. This real-time reporting can then immediately translate into other channel strategies like retargeting and mobile ads, for example.  

Are you ready to take the leap?

Vibe will work for you to:

  • Identify and reach more nuanced and impactful target segments
  • Offer personalized, interactive experiences to audiences on the basis of their individual profiles
  • Identify conversion rates in real time
  • Leverage transparent and trustworthy attribution models that can meaningfully impact your campaign strategy
  • Access a premium portfolio of channels, no matter your budget
  • Meet your targets where they are, no matter the device: phone, tablet, desktop, or connected TV
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