CTV Ad Highlights and Inspiration

1 min read·Dec 19, 2022

Q4 has only just begun and the Vibe.co team is are already thrilled with early performances from our clients new to CTV advertising.

Check out some favorites below!


  • Call-To-Action: “Go to myphoto.com …” with the incentive of 20% off when ordering now gives clear audience instructions
  • Reminder Effect: Brand name and logo are visible throughout the entire ad
  • Activated emotions People want to watch people. My photo created an emotional bond with their audience by highlighting family pictures, kids playing, cuddly animals, etc.
  • The visual supports the audio by giving more details about what users can expect - it’s easy!
  • Short and sweet: 15s ads usually perform best on CTV.

Dora Banking

Any topic can be attention-grabbing if you do it right! For example, here’s what this banking client got right:
  • Clear Call-To-Action: “Download our free mobile app” or “Register in minutes” combined with App Store and Google Play logos: clear instructions on what to do and how.
  • Attention catching and informative: Offers a future-oriented solution to existing challenges. Clearly highlights advantages.
  • Displays the logo for at least 10 seconds of the ad; playfully integrated in the overall creative.
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