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Age Targeting

Target households by age segment within the home.

Gender Targeting

Target households by gender distribution.

Interest Targeting

Target households based on the interests of the people living there: Automotive, Health, Finance, you name it!

Socio-Demo Targeting

Target households based on their revenue, voting interests, etc.

State Targeting

Deliver your ads by state.

City Targeting

Target specific cities in the United States.

Metro Zones Targeting

Target households by specific metro zone (aka DMA).

Screen Targeting

With Vibe, you can extend campaign delivery to people watching content on mobiles and tablet screens, not just TVs.

Hours of the day

Schedule your ad delivery to specific days and hours of the day.

Streaming App Targeting

Target the streaming apps that your audiences watch the most.

Streaming Channel Targeting

Select the streaming channels you want to deliver your ads on.

Custom Audiences

Ask our Data Team to create custom audiences just for you! (Only available to enterprise clients)


Retarget website visitors or app users right on their TV screens.

No Extra Cost

Audience targeting with Vibe comes at no extra cost.


Audience Size

Get an instant and responsive estimate of your total target audience size.

Real Time Forecasting

Our forecasting solution provides real-time delivery estimates within the platform, no need to wait.


Our solution predicts the amount of impressions advertisers can achieve based on setup and budget.

Household Reach

Know precisely how many households your campaign will reach.


Instantly gauge deliverability according to your budget and targeting choices.


Get recommendations about what you should do to improve your delivery.


Automatic Bidding

Let our AI, which manages tens of millions in ad spend, automate your media buying for optimal performance.

Manual Bidding

Want to set your own price? No problem! Easily manage your CPM cap in-platform.

Automatic KPI Optimisation

Our proprietary machine learning solution automatically optimizes your media buying to deliver the best KPI.

Feedback Loop

Install a Vibe pixel or connect your MMP to setup a feedback loop and take advantage of the full power of our algorithm.


Web traffic measurement

Track web visits generated by your TV campaign with Vibe's web pixel.

Adjust Integration

Connect your Adjust-tracked apps to measure ROAS on TV app install campaigns.

Appsflyer Integration

Vibe partners with Appsflyer to empower app marketers to track app installs and in-app revenue generated by TV campaigns.

App Install Measurement

Connect your app install data to Vibe and instantly access your campaign's app install results.

Google Analytics Integration

Vibe integrates with Google Analytics to display CTV campaign results directly in your favorite measurement tool.

Web Event Measurement

Track specific events generated by your CTV ads such as registrations and sales.

Revenue Measurement

Measure the revenue generated from your OTT and streaming campaigns along with their ROAS.


Ad Upload

Just drag and drop your ad creative and we take care of the rest!

Video Compression

Just provide us with your raw files and we take care of the compression for you.

Ad Sampling

Sampling can be complex when it comes to streaming advertising. We create multiple versions of your file to fit any format.

Ad Validation

We always make sure that your creative is good to go before publishing. Vibe only delivers top quality ads.

Multi Creative Upload

Upload as many creatives as you want and attach them to relevant strategies, as needed.

A/B Testing

A/B Test your creatives: find which ones are performing the best and double down on those.

Creative Preview

Preview your videos in context to make sure that they'll look good everywhere.

Ad Hosting

We take care of hosting your ads at no extra cost.

Campaign Management

Strategy A/B Testing

Create multiple strategies to A/B test different ad sets and pick the winning one(s).

Lifetime Campaign Budget

Define the total amount you want to spend on any given campaign.

Daily Campaign Budget

Cap and control your budget on a daily basis.

Campaign Dates

Define when you want to start delivering your campaign and when to stop.

Strategy Level Control

Easily segment your campaigns and budget into different strategies.

Strategy Dates

Define your dates at the strategy level to control your campaign flights.

Strategy Budgets

Allocate exact portions of your budget to top performing strategies.

Multiple Advertisers

Create as many advertisers as you need to run multiple campaigns for different clients or product lines.

Campaign Setup Recap

Get a global overview of your strategy setup to make sure all elements are recorded accurately.


Spend Overview

Get a precise overview of how much you are spending with your campaigns.

Granular Reporting

Get granular reporting to help optimize your campaigns.

Strategy Reporting

Get all delivery metrics at the strategy level.

Date Reporting

Get detailed delivery reports for every day you deliver impressions.

Ad Reporting

Know which creatives are delivering the most and getting the best results.

Apps & Channels Reporting

See which Apps & Channels are bringing you the best delivery with detailed metrics.

Geo Reporting

Track how well your campaign is performing in each geo (State, City, Zipcode, Metro Zone).

Age Reporting

Know more about your audience and which age brackets are bringing you the best performances.

Gender Reporting

Experiment and see with which gender is most responsive to your campaigns.

Audience Reporting

Discover which targeted audiences are over-performing or under-performing.

Reporting Charts

Visualize delivery and performance trends with Vibe's reporting charts.

Custom KPI Charts

Select from over a dozen different KPIs to chart on your dashboard.


Credit Card Payment

Use any credit card to pay for your TV campaigns: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, you name it!.

Wire Transfer

Load your balance with wire transfers for better control of your spend.

Credit Lines

Are you a big advertiser looking for NET30 terms? It's possible! We can open credit lines.

Automatic Invoicing

No need to run after invoices. Your invoices are generated automatically and available in your account.

$500 minimum budget

With Vibe, start running TV ads for as low as a $500 lifetime budget or $50 daily budget.

No commitment

There is no ad spend or year long commitment needed to use Vibe.

Customer Support

Dedicated Account Managers

When using Vibe, you get a dedicated account manager helping you and your campaigns succeed.

Live Support

Live support is available at all times during business hours to help you instantly with your campaign setup.

Help Center

Get an answer to almost any question you might have about our platform in our dedicated help center.

Best Practices

Our team of TV experts is constantly sharing best practices around TV advertising. Make sure to check out our blog!